The Truth Hurts
Women are the cause of family disunity

Read Christians authors with a grain of salt

I want to end this chapter on Patriarchy with some thoughts on its practical application. Only religious people accept the ideology that men make all the ultimate decisions in the family. If you want to study books on patriarchy you will not find any at secular bookstores such as Waldenbooks or your local university bookstore. In America, you have go to Christian bookstores to find books that teach why a man’s wife is subservient. I’ve read some of the books. I appreciate these authors because I have learned from them many insights into the philosophy of what they call "headship." Unfortunately, these authors are spiritually at a teenage level and all fall short of teaching the highest level of men’s leadership in the home. There are also no books at an adult level on how men are to lead outside the home either. By studying Sun Myung Moon we can learn the true standard that men and women are to live by. Rev. Moon is a true man and Mrs. Moon is a true woman. They are the first man and woman to grow to spiritual maturity and create a true marriage.


All the Christian authorities on marriage will bow to True Parents someday and go to a higher place. In the future books will be written that will explain the true meaning of the roles of men and women. Based on Rev. Moon’s words, I have written my views on the philosophy of patriarchy.


After studying Rev. Moon’s speeches and his lifestyle, I see some major flaws in the Christian books on male leadership in the home. The first glaring mistake is their blind spot in not seeing that men are to do all the leading, protecting and providing outside the home. It never occurs to them to follow the logic that if only men lead the home then only men lead in society. Twentieth century men believe in women voting, women working outside the home, and women protecting. Name me one man who campaigns for women not being police officers in 1998. I can’t find one article in one magazine or newspaper. It is not only not a debate, but everyone accepts it, even the Mormons and fundamental Christians who have been digested by this feminist culture. Women in military uniforms are seen as normal. And even worse, everyone thinks it is a good thing not only for women to dress in military fatiques, but even lead men on military bases. Pat Robertson, Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell and Robert Shuller never speak out against women becoming generals when they give sermons on their national television shows. They don’t because Satan has converted them to feminism. These men will say they are anti-feminist, but they are really feminists and don’t know how Satan has got to them. Fallen man cannot see the absolute standard. Father has brought that. God’s absolute standard is that men lead women. No man should ever be in a subservient position to a woman. Women should not associate with men. Only men are supposed to be providing services in the marketplace. A woman’s place is in her home. She can go shopping at stores owned and run by men to spend her allowance her husband or father has given her, but she is never to compete with men. In other words, they are to resemble the spirit of women before the 20th century. Women in the past were not perfect, but they were on the right track.


Another blind spot of fundamental Christian books on patriarchy is the emphasis on men being gentle rather than stern with women. Women today are so out of order that they need more criticism than praise. Our culture is so feminized and corrupt that the emphasis should be on women understanding and being patient with men instead of the other way around. Christian authors are nice people but they do wrong when they fall all over themselves to denounce a few men tyrants and not the insidious snakes women can be.


One gets the impression reading these books that there is a real problem out there of men who rule with a vengeance in their home shouting Ephesians 5:22-23 that says they are the head of the house and everybody better salute and grovel to his every wish. Where are these obnoxious dictators? I have never met a man who reads the Bible and believes in patriarchy and is a total son-of-a-bitch. What man out there demands total obedience to "anything" he asks? I’m sure there are a few, but there are also a few rapists and in Iraq we have Saddam Hussein. But tell me, out of all your relatives and friends and neighbors, how many are monsters that abuse physically or verbally? And if a man does, is there any women in his life who treated him like dirt? The vast majority of men do not think they can do "anything" they want. No sane person thinks they can rule like some sick plantation owner in the early 1800s. Some of these scumbags would even rape the black slaves and have children by them. All men are fallen and corrupt to some degree and abuse their power sometimes, but so do women. More women kill babies than men do. What I object to is the emphasis of Christian books on bad men when the emphasis should be on women who are the initiators of disunity in their homes. Hollywood dramatizes evil men like the sadistic husband in the movie Sleeping with the Enemy. He makes Julia Roberts hang the towels just right and beats her if they are not just as he wants them. In real life, the reverse is more the case. Women beat men down with their arrogance and contempt for men.


Only a tiny percent of men in America even believe in patriarchy as a family value. No one in my church has ever even heard of the concept. They are all feminists who have no problem with women being leaders over men. I have talked to only one man and one woman in my life who believe in taking the Bible literally when it comes to men ruling in the home. Aubrey and Helen Andelin each have books and each have told me that America will wake up someday and go back to the Bible. Both of them are wonderful people who have a wonderful family. There are a few books by men and women extolling the virtues of patriarchy at Christian bookstores and they say they have happy families and have helped others to build good marriages by counseling patriarchy. Maybe they come across men who misread the Bible and lord it over their families demanding respect when they don’t deserve it. I find that hard to believe.


And what exactly is "abusive behavior"? I find that women in general define it wrong. Of course violent or sexual abuse is criminal. But women are so touchy today that they can’t handle even the slightest disapproving look from a man. How God sees things and how women see things are often very different. Women are quick to see wrong doing of men, when men are simply doing the right thing. Look at all the lawsuits by women against men that are from Satan. Society encourages this evil. Men are on the defensive. And every year it gets worse as women infiltrate the workplace and destroy their homes by filing for divorce. They are the ones who have little patience, kindness or tenderness.


Another blind spot by authors on patriarchy is that they don’t give any guidelines on the practical aspects of patriarchy. They use vague words to describe how men should act such as they are to have a balance of being "firm" but also "tender." They are to be "strong" but "compassionate." The only role model they give of someone who has done this is Jesus Christ.


We have a problem here because no one has known what Jesus was really like. We have no details about him. We don’t even know what he looked like. He said almost nothing about marriage and family. And to top it off he never even had a wife or children. Sadly Christianity has made him out to be a pacifist. Feminist theologians see him as a feminist, socialist and lover of gay people. I appreciate one book that had the guts to say that Jesus was not some gentle new age pacifist. Robert Hicks in Uneasy Manhood points out passages in the Bible that show Jesus was not just a sweetheart. He was also "rude" and harsh to women sometimes. He writes how Jesus put women in their place sometimes.


I would like to offer the founding fathers as role models. Look at the marriages of those men on Mt. Rushmore. We don’t have great men anymore in America because men and women in the 20th century don’t share their philosophy of life. Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln believed in absolute patriarchy. Twentieth century America has basically given up these values as Neanderthal. Sadly those few Christians who profess to believe in patriarchy teach a watered down patriarchy. Christian writers such as Aubrey Andelin, Stu Weber, Gary Smalley, Farrar and Hicks are wimps. Their standard of patriarchy is so low it doesn’t inspire anybody. Most of them cannot even teach that men are the sole providers. The Promise Keepers never even mention that aspect of patriarchy.


These writers are looked at as right wing religious nuts by America. Based on Rev. Moon’s totally politically incorrect writings, what I write makes these Mormon and fundamental Christians look tame. These men are so worried that they might offend their wives that they never get around to becoming great men. They are nice men, but mediocre --- not spiritual giants like the founding fathers.


I have made it my mission to raise my sons to be strong patriarchs and my daughters to be truly subservient to their husbands. Christian writers are just wannabe patriarchs and subservient wives. They have a long way to go before they live God’s way of life. I pray they can humble themselves to the Korean couple who have reached true patriarchy.


Fallen men must stretch to God’s level. Satan rules this world and so far he has buried the teachings of Rev. Moon and even pulled the wool over the eyes of those tiny few who say they believe in the Divine Principle.


I hope my children do not get digested by our culture that despises patriarchy and not get influenced by the wimpy level of understanding of patriarchy taught in fundamental Christian books. Let me give you an example of how wimpy these men are. In Robert Hick’s book Uneasy Manhood we learn that he is a pastor, professor at a seminary, marriage counselor, author and an air force reserve officer. In the following passage from his book we will see a perfect illustration of the confusion and mush these men write. He spends a great deal of time pointing out how men are weak and feminized in America and then he writes this feminist politically correct statement that negates everything he writes: "As an air force reserve officer, I have learned to value and rely upon the distinctive insight from female officers. Their addition to the officer corps has strengthened the air force." "Strengthened the air force?" I rest my case.


Like all men today, he is blind to what real strength means. He sees himself as a very wise man, but he is just a boy pushed around by feminists. America gets worse every year because of the lack of leadership by men like this. In the end, his book and his values fail because he has incorporated some of feminism into his ideology. You can’t be a little bit feminist and be of God.


Steve Farrar in his book Point Man: How a man can lead his family is typical of the books in Christian book stores. In the following passage we see an example how they emphasize men being gentle with women but never going after the women for being the cause of family breakdown. He writes, "Some guys think that a wife’s submission means that she lets him do anything he wants. Nothing could be further from the truth." What man thinks he can do "anything?" I don’t know anyone who is a leader anywhere and who thinks he can do "anything." Suppose a man tells a woman she should not only not be an officer in the air force, but not even be in the air force. Robert Hicks says women leading men in our military is wonderful for everyone. Would this be a case where Farrar would criticize a man for being so cruel as to limit a woman’s freedom and not let her in the air force? It sounds like it to me. These men only encourage women to walk all over men.


Farrar quotes Bible passages to say a man is to be gentle. All these books quote these passages. One of the favorite ones is I Peter 3:7 that says, "live with your wives in an understanding way." What if a man told his wife he did not feel she should join the air force and also never lead men in any area of life? By Hicks definition and I assume Farrar’s too that man would not be "understanding." Women run with words like "understanding" and take it to a swamp where any disagreement with them is seen as harsh and men not being "understanding." Farrar goes on to explain that understanding means that men must always be "tactful." What the hell does that mean?


These books have a split personality. They all criticize men for being sissies and not standing up to women and then they go on and on about how they can’t ever make a woman cry or get depressed because of anything they say. She must always be won over to follow his decisions because he is so magnificent. A man cannot ever say to a woman to do something just because he is the leader. He writes: "a man should not demand submission from his wife. Instead, he should be such an exemplary model of submission to the authorities in his own life, that he provides the kind of leadership at home that is easy to follow." "Easy to follow"? Satan’s way is "easy." It is extremely hard for a man to follow God and all the superiors he has. And it is hard for a woman to follow her man. If it’s easy for a woman then the man is not leading. Where in the Bible does it say anything is easy? Did Jesus say it would be easy? Is carrying crosses easy?


Farrar endlessly emphasizes "servant leadership" and that men must "serve his wife and meet her needs." Then she will "gladly submit to his leadership." Oh yeah? This is not correct. Men must serve those above them. His focus is not to come home and start serving the woman. When you go into a hotel do you start serving the employees? No. They serve you. You have paid for a room and you don’t have to vacuum the floor. Men go out and earn the money to pay for their house and they don’t have to vacuum the floor of their home. We have to get precise with our words and Christians are not. They muddy the water when they emphasize that men are to have authority, but not be authoritarian. Women haven’t got a clue today what "authority" means. To them, just about anything a man commands would be interpreted by women as "authoritarian."


These writers don’t realize that the result of their emphasis on men having a "balance" of being "firm" and "tender" is that men have become sissies. They should be emphasizing men to stand up to the massive insubordination of women. Men are not strong, virile, ambitious or aggressive anymore. They are all timid, passive, weak sissies who constantly compromise their position to get peace with women who have all become amazons. Men are so afraid of looking rigid they have become too flexible. The result of men not taking charge of their homes is that women have become the spiritual bullies who think they are spiritually higher than men. This has led to international bullies to not fear American leaders. This has caused these dictators to torture and kill millions of people with no fear that Christian American men will stop them.


First Ladies?


Truman fires MacArthur instead of letting him invade China and save both North Korea and the Chinese from communism. Truman’s wife was so out of it, she struggled to move to Washington and be with her husband. His wife, Bess, did not do what wives are supposed to do and adapt to her husband. She hated Washington and hated being the First Lady. When Truman became President, she went to live in their home in Missouri and would not be his helpmate. He deeply loved her, but his letters show how lonely he was in the White House without her. He called it a "lonesome place." Disunity caused by wives has a profound impact on men. Truman loved his wife but he is the epitome of a man who walks on egg shells. Father speaks out against men being so wimpy and always being so concerned about how she feels. In one letter Truman wrote, "You didn't seem at all happy when we talked. I'm sorry if I've done something to make you unhappy. All I've ever tried to do is make you pleased with me and the world. I'm very much afraid I've failed miserably." He is the typical husband of the 20th century who falls all over himself to apologize to women who are spoiled brats. He didn't do anything to hurt her. She is just selfish and childish. Sometimes he got fed up with her bad attitude and disrespect for him (even most wimps have their moments of frustration). In his daughter's biography of Bess, she says of her mother that Harry became enraged one time at a particular incident when he had just become President and Bess knifed Truman with "her rotten temper and insulting words." Truman became furious at her on one of his short visits to their home in Missouri when Bess was in one of her bitchy states. There was an explosion and when he got back to Washington he wrote an angry letter to her denouncing her disrespect for him. He wrote, "You can never appreciate what it means to come home as I did the other evening after doing at least one hundred things I didn't want to do and have the only person in the world whose approval and good opinion I value look at me like I'm something the cat dragged in." She had little respect for him as a husband and as a President, because she had no respect for being a First Lady.


She was a sad, pathetic woman. I believe that men are so weak in the 20th century because men are so weak they cannot shape their wife up to a decent level. If they can't raise a woman then how can they raise society? Truman, I believe, would have not fired MacArthur and supported his strong stand against North Korean and Chinese communists if he wasn't a henpecked husband. Truman had a half-way good marriage and therefore had a half-way good foreign policy. Truman's wife did not follow him, and he did not raise her to be a First Lady. He was a nice wimp at home and a nice wimp to Kim Il Sung. Lyndon Johnson was having an affair when he was the Commander-in-chief during the Vietnam War. He had no marriage and therefore had no foreign policy. His failure to create a home made him not have the power to create peace in the world. George Bush's wife was an embarrassment to America. He was a wimp who could not get her to lose weight. Barbara Bush was lazy and didn't have the discipline or even the desire to be thin. She was a horrible role model. George couldn't guide his wife or he didn't care. He was not a good leader at home as seen by how fat his wife is and so he was weak in the Gulf War and did not go after Saddam Hussein.


Presidents of the 20th century are weak men and their wives are disorderly. FDR did nothing to control his wife and he was unable to get America into the war with Hitler sooner. America was weak and gutless and despicable for not helping England while it was being bombed. Joseph Kennedy was the Ambassador to England while the bombing of London was going on. He got scared and took his family back to the safety of America. Roosevelt was weak in not seeing that Stalin was worse than Hitler. Truman followed his wimpy footsteps and did not stop Stalin from taking over Eastern Europe. I am the only person I know of to see a correlation between family strength and world strength in relation to patriarchy. Patriarchy is leadership. The 20th century has been the bloodiest of all centuries because God's champions were weak. If Washington had a feminist marriage like the Presidents of the 20th century have, he would have not won the revolutionary war. If Lincoln had not been a strong husband, America would be two nations now.


One of my favorite First Ladies is Nancy Reagan because she helped her husband become the President on whose watch the Soviet Union ended. Unfortunately, her children suffered from her lack of attention. In this she reminds me of Mrs. Moon who had such a terrible burden of supporting a man who was fighting the greatest evil mankind had ever seen.


I also admire Mrs. Reagan because she did not support the ERA. Three former First Ladies went to a big feminist convention in Houston and all stood on the platform and supported the ERA. Let’s look at each one. Pat Nixon, we read in a biography, did not want her husband to run for the Presidency in 1968, the year he was elected: she was "much opposed to his running again for the Presidency." So much for her being a helpmate.


After her came what I believe is one the worst First Ladies in history – Betty Ford. She too, as one book said, was a "reluctant First Lady." She didn’t want him to run for President and he didn’t make it. She wrote, "I hadn’t wanted Jerry to be President." Women subconsciously don’t want their men to succeed. When she became First Lady because Nixon resigned, she gave a 60 Minutes interview with Morley Safer. She said that she thought premarital sex would lower the divorce rate. She was a ridiculous First Lady who was the opposite of what a woman should be – outspoken and stupid. In her autobiography she wrote that her husband’s press secretary "gave out a statement saying the President had ‘long ceased to be perturbed by his wife’s remarks,’ and that caused another round of fire. A New Hampshire publisher wrote an editorial saying the immorality of my comments was ‘almost exceeded by their stupidity. Involving any prominent individual this would be a disgusting spectacle. Coming from the First Lady in the White House, it disgraces the nation itself.’ He attacked Jerry with the same fury. ‘President Ford showed his lack of guts by saying he had long ago given up commenting on Mrs. Ford’s interviews. What kind of business is that?’"


Mrs. Ford disagrees, but the truth is that she was "stupid" and her husband lacked "guts." This is what I have spoken of so many times in this chapter – stupid women and gutless men. Mrs. Ford also writes about how she got an apartment for her 18-year-old daughter who wanted to live together with a ski instructor in Vail, Colorado. This, she writes, was "much against Jerry’s wishes" but she didn’t give a damn what he thought. She is the typical American woman -- disorderly. Of course, now she is famous for her Betty Ford Center she built after her family woke her up to her alcoholism. She is truly a disgrace to our nation. How many spiritual and physical deaths she has caused will never be known. Her husband is a typical nice guy and not the righteous men we need to lead us.


The next First Lady after the disaster of Betty Ford was another disaster, Rosalyn Carter. Her husband is the very definition of weak. While he was in politics in Georgia, she ran their farm. She wrote this garbage in her autobiography: "I had to keep the business running while Jimmy was gone. I liked the feeling that I was contributing to our life and making it possible for him to pursue a political career." You know how I feel about feminist’s love of working outside the home. Even the liberal press didn’t like her. When she attended cabinet meetings, they criticized her for being too powerful. Years later Hillary would be in charge of socializing medicine in America. She was applauded by the press. This shows that each First Lady keeps lowering the standard until today we have Hilary who is more a man than a woman and.


Families are a business too


People have the insane notion that a family is somehow different than any other organization. Husbands are to be like a commanding officer, a coach, a CEO, a judge. A CO of a nuclear submarine is a patriarch. He is the leader and he demands obedience. Any disobedience is ruthlessly crushed. He runs a tight ship. How many COs of submarines are irrational? Hollywood made Gene Hackman be one and sweet Denzel Washington had to mutiny to save the world from this madman. In real life this does not exist. In real life men are created with the ability to lead their families. Women have given up their God-given duty to obey and follow without complaint and with a good attitude. Women freely yell at their husbands, throw dinnerware at a wall, slam doors, swear, lecture, criticize and get depressed about the directions from their husbands. Any man that tries to tell a wife how many months she can nurse her baby, what kind of clothes she should wear, how she should raise the children, or even how to load a dishwasher will get blasted as a chauvinist pig who is limiting her freedom. A CO on a submarine is a God on his ship. Everyone is very careful how they talk to him. He is always given utmost respect. His word is law. If anyone should feel he is making a mistake, they will think long and hard before saying anything. How many arguments and how much criticism do you think a CO gets? Of course, very little if any from the 200 men on board. Does criticism go up or down in the chain of command? It always goes down and no one gets depressed and mopes around because he didn't like the direction or the tone it was given in. Any criticism up is rare and often gets nowhere. Women think they can criticize up. They can criticize their children, but they are not supposed to criticize their husband. They should have as much faith in their husband as men do with their captain on a submarine cramped in tight quarters under the ocean for months at a time. There are no blowups and arguments and slammed doors in a submarine and there is not to be any in American homes. There is a 50% total breakup of families in America. What if there was 50% total breakup in a submarine? Women have got to start being as humble and respectful to their husbands as seaman are to their skipper.


Some wimpy conservative writers on men's issues make a terrible mistake when they write that men should not see their home as a place where they give commands like they do at work. These books go on and on about how men have to bend over backwards to win wives over with persuasion and kindness. They say that the home is very different than the workplace. They are possessed by Satan when they write this drivel. For one thing, many men don't even get the chance to boss anybody around because they are at the bottom of the corporate ladder. Some men do lead others but they will never make it if they act like little Gods and abuse their power by giving ridiculous directions and crushing the spirit of those under them. Countless books are written on how men should and how they can build a team spirit. Authoritarian leadership is ineffective, but so is an absence of authority. All men are supposed to experience leadership. God is a leader and men need to lead their family to become like God and know God. Women need children so they lead them and grow spiritually. But Satan corrupts this and turns it upside down. He inverts the order. Women now dominate men and children dominate women. Men need to give commands to grow spiritually. They can't all do that at work, but they are all to do it in their homes. The home is a school of love and men learn leadership there. And those men who are excellent at leading their wives and children are the only men who should be given leadership in the community and nation. The Bible explains that a man who cannot lead his family cannot lead his country.


Now that feminism rules, women will not let men lead them. Women constantly belittle men and disobey them whenever they feel like it. Men leading is a joke to women and now a joke to men as well. But the result is no joke. 800 million people go hungry every day in this world and millions of street kids are sniffing glue to escape the horror of their lives. Women have emasculated men so much that leaders can't solve the simple problem of getting food to everyone. Men have got to find the guts to shape up their women and if their woman will not listen and obey, then men have to do as any school principal does to a bully -- expel her till she changes. The fighting in our homes must stop and if women cannot shut up when the man says to, then she has got to be suspended for as long as it takes for her to overcome her fallen nature. I am not holding my breath to see this happen. Society would come down like a ton of bricks on any man that would kick his wife simply for disobeying an order. Men cannot give women time outs in this culture and get support. Most women would simply divorce him, take the kids and the local newspaper would cover the divorce proceedings and condemn the poor guy as an Ayatollah who has lost his mind. Talk shows make fun of men who try to be the final decision makers in their families. Audiences eat these guys up on these shows. But the truth is that there should be zero tolerance for disrespect of wives toward the head of the house. His position is sacred, and it is not her job to define what his job duties are. Her job is to keep their family ship shape -- not in a state of mutiny. The idea of women treating their husband with "reverence" is seen as a "sick" idea. And any woman who thinks she is subservient and her husband is the head of the house, but feels she can also talk back to him or sob in the corner over his decisions is fooling herself. Just because a woman thinks she believes in patriarchy does not mean she really does. The application of patriarchy demands strict obedience.


Women should not turn to counselors for support in their rebellion. Covey makes the mistake of saying a woman can go to a church elder if she feels her husband is not leading correctly. It is wrong for women to go to marriage counselors. They should never say a bad word about their husband to anyone. They should turn to God for strength. If they cannot follow then they should leave. In the book and movie starring Sally Field portrayed the real life story of an American woman who married an Iranian man in America. He went back and became a strict Muslim under the Ayatollah. She makes a daring escape back to America with her daughter. She should have stayed with her husband and supported him even though she had a different religion. She couldn't do this, and it was wrong for her to take the daughter away from the father. The man should have got the daughter. I know. Christianity is higher than Mohamedism. But patriarchy is sacred too.


Elizabeth Hanford is the wife of a Baptist minister and in her book Me? Obey Him? writes that she counsels women to stay home on Sunday and not come to church if her husband doesn't want to. She says that this is not easy for her to say this because she is the pastor's wife, but she explains that the Bible teaches that women are to obey their husbands in all things. If they really want to follow Christ and do God's will women must follow their husbands instead of church leaders. I was the religious leader of a small group once. One woman used to come to our service because she was religious and felt it was more important than staying with her husband who decided not to come. Later that man propositioned my wife. This woman has still not learned this lesson and keeps active in the church while her husband doesn't. She is arrogant and out of order. But what religious leader or marriage counselor would side with Elizabeth Hanford? I'll bet you don’t know any.


Women are possessed when they think they can pick and choose when they want to follow and when they don't. They are stupid if they compare how they follow their husband to how the husband follows his leaders. When an employee gets a performance interview every few months he should not get defensive and start attacking the supervisor by pointing out that he feels his supervisor is not following his superior. Women need to humble themselves to men's criticism and not get wrapped up in comparing how well her husband takes criticism or how well he follows his leaders.


A home is certainly as important as a submarine or some fast food restaurant. The leaders in the world will not take one outburst from anyone. But women think they can routinely disparage their husband to others, criticize him constantly, say critical things about him to the children and everyone else. A CO is not some kind of best friend or buddy. Women think a man is some pathetic creature that is often wrong and stupid and mean and by God the women will let him know it at the drop of a hat.


If a student smarts off to a Principal he will be expelled for a while. Sadly some parents protest this because we live in an anti-authoritarian age. Women constantly take men to court and juries constantly side with the stupid women awarding them millions of dollars. The homes of America are so out of order that it is about as easy to explain this as it was for the first pioneers who said there were invisible germs. American families are so sick because women are arrogant and have left their position. There isn't any femininity anywhere. Now we have Hillary Clinton who has influenced her daughter Chelsea to be a member of her liberal church instead of Bill's conservative church. If Hillary had joined his church and embraced the ideology of patriarchy that they teach, then Bill would not be having oral sex down the hall from her. Hillary doesn't follow Bill completely just as all women don't follow their man completely. And when men turn to alcohol, drugs, women, food, television, etc. as castrated wimps, the wives never see they have had any part of his downfall. When Bill had his affair, the press fell all over themselves commiserating with Hillary. Poor Hillary. How about poor Bill who has to live with this Amazon who's major goal in life is to nationalize health insurance and put down women who stay home and bake chocolate chip cookies for their husbands.


These are the last days and Bill and Hillary are just Adam and Eve being pulled around by Lucifer. Thank God Hak Ja Han did the opposite of what women do today. She has the right attitude toward her husband --reverence. The Bible teaches women to be "reverent" to their husbands. Have you ever seen a woman who is "reverent" to her husband? I have never seen it. Women bark at their husbands, laugh at them, ignore them, criticize them, disobey them, lecture them and routinely point to the door and demand they leave. And men like the beaten dogs that they are, put their tail between their legs and leave. Men are scared to death at the wrath of their wives. Men give them jobs as firefighters and elect them to be their senator in Washington. Women have no tact, modesty or manners. They eat like pigs and are about as noisy. They are so disgusting in the way they treat men that men have given up on leading anybody anywhere. American homes are devoid of real love. The roles are so blurred that nothing great can come of any family. It has degenerated to the point that little kids are murdering people now and 12 year olds have babies. No one can read or think anymore. People are some kind of pathetic creatures glued to TV sitcoms that make endless jokes about condoms.


Sun Myung Moon is the reason TV was invented in this century. He is the reason for the Korean War. He is the central point of the world and our culture got to his son who used hundreds of thousands of dollars on cocaine and mistresses. We live in a time of madness. We must get the world out of the terrible feminism that is choking the life out of families and nations. Religious leaders are blind to the source of the problem. They embrace feminism while they denounce it.


God and Jesus are seen by Christians today as only love, grace, mercy and compassion. They are feminized. God’s judgment and stern side is denounced. Christianity is totally feminized along with the rest of the culture. If any man dares stand up to a woman he is at the minimum accused to being insecure and have control issues. He is labeled as distant, cold, mean, controlling, austere, irrational, unloving.


Feminism is so insidious that men can’t even legally get together in clubs or schools. Men are isolated in America that has become a spiritual Soviet Union where men dare never say anything politically incorrect because the thought police will sue you for everything you have. The problem in America is not men being tyrants. It is women dominating men. Men are henpecked and don’t even know what has hit them. They are the frog boiled in water that never knew what hit them. The problem is not men "understanding" women. The problem is that women don’t understand men. These are the last days and Satan is using women to keep men down. And men encourage women to be unfeminine. It is a vicious cycle that has taken our culture to the bottom of hell. America is a nightmare because it is diametrically opposed to the lifestyle and philosophy of the founding fathers and now Sun Myung Moon. Women have become men and men have become women. It is an "abomination" as the Bible says. We live in a Sodom and Gomorrah in these terrible last days.


Men need to assert their manhood and give up their deep-seated inferiority complex. Deep down and I mean really deep down, women want men to stand up to them. They really don’t want men to be the new feminist man who is in touch with his so-called feminine side. Women don’t want men to express any insecurities and fears. They, like children, want boundaries. Self-help books like those of John Gray are popular because they are mush -- a gray mush. God is black and white. As I write this a woman in my town is suing the city because she feels she has not been promoted fast enough as a cop because she is a woman. This crap is what women do all day long to men. All women do anymore is worsen the battle of the sexes.


The divine order for husbands and wives and for men and women in general is a vertical relationship.

Vertical is un-American now


The four position foundation cannot be interpreted to mean that subject and object have equal power. Feminism is the rejection of male leadership. Marxism is the opposite to traditional values that Godism teaches. Godism is the ideology of Sun Myung Moon who speaks for God. He is the messiah -- the savior -- mankind’s leader. His wife and children have the responsibility to follow him and build a true family. Father wants every family to be a true family. God's way of life is totally opposite to Marxist/Feminist way of life. Father is the number one anti-Communist in world history. Therefore he is also the world's greatest anti-feminist. He is the ultimate patriarch. God is called Father. Leadership is given to the masculine.


Satan rules this world. He teaches through feminists that patriarchy has caused all family breakdown and social ills. This is why marriage vows no longer have the bride saying she will "obey" her husband. Feminists took this "horrible" word out in the 1960's -- Satan's sexual revolution. Everyone now laughs at shows and songs from the 1950's that portray women as following men. The TV shows that portrayed traditional families such as Ozzie and Harriet and songs such as "I'll Follow" are seen as ridiculous, old fashioned and not "modern" and "advanced." The concept of men having the power of final decisions and women humbly following is seen as "sick" and "disgusting." Women used to be quiet. Now they are loud and aggressive.


Karl Marx and Elizabeth Cady Stanton wrote in 1848 how they hated patriarchy. Traditional women, they wrote, were slaves abused by evil men. Women feel that freedom means the freedom to compete with men in the home and in the workplace.




Obedience is seen as neurotic. Bumper stickers say "Question Authority." We live in an age of rebellion. The truth is that obedience to authority is the essence of God's will. God's plan is for God to guide men who in turn guide women who in turn guide children. The man speaks for God to women, and women speak for God to their children.


Free Will


Men have the free will to not follow God, and women have the freedom to not follow men but there are consequences for actions. And the consequence for not following legitimate authority is chaos.


Since mankind has given up on patriarchy because men are not seen as legitimate authorities, the result is the chaos we see today. President Clinton and Hillary are the most famous example. They are completely out of order. They are the epitome of Tocqueville's prediction that America would decline if women accept feminism.


Feminist ideology is so entrenched that to teach patriarchy is analogous to the situation of those pioneers who taught that the earth was round.




Patriarchy is now seen as slavery. Satan has successfully taught everyone to see that the situation of slaves is the same as a submissive wife. It's really apples and oranges but not to feminists. Slaves have no freedom, no unique personality, no rights, no dignity, no dreams, no respect, and no happiness. The biblical submissive wife is seen as a slave who has no brain and no chance to grow. She has no relationship to God, no power to mold her life or have dreams. She is inferior to her husband -- a doormat that has no more value than a dog who worships his master.


To compare slavery to wifely submission is as ludicrous as it is to compare slavery to male submission to the authority figures in his life. Feminism is an evil ideology that tricks people into being rebellious. Satan does not want to submit to God. He rules mankind by working through women to be arrogant and leave their position. This drives men to violence and addictions. The list of addictions is very long. President Clinton is addicted to two of the most popular ones -- food and sex.


Feminists have converted everyone to believing that patriarchy has been the cause of the battles between nations and battles between men and women. The truth is that women have always been like Eve who is married to Satan instead of their Adam. Restoration is the process of getting women to stop acting like Eve and getting men to stop acting like Adam. Cain physically killed Abel because Eve spiritually killed Adam. To restore the fall women must follow their husbands (a man) instead of the angel Lucifer.


I believe that it will take several generations before this will happen for western women. There is more respect for patriarchy in the eastern culture. Sadly the East is now being converted to feminism by the West. It took feminists 72 years to get the vote and another 72 years to get women elected as chief of police in some cities. Perhaps they will achieve the greatest castration act of all time and get a woman elected by men to be their American Commander-In-Chief.


Perhaps it will take 70 years to get women to accept the ideology of male leadership and another 70 years to go from accepting the theory to actually putting it into practice. It's one thing to accept the truth that smoking is bad and another for people to quit doing it. After many years of some teaching that smoking is totally bad, people have shifted from thinking that it is cool to being disgusting. Society is now in the process of being taught that McDonalds is wrong and that lower fat diets are healthy. In time everyone will be educated and know that french fries are not cool but disgusting. Then in time the body will follow the mind and people will give up smoking and french fries. McDonalds will continue to win for many years to come but the truth always rises.


Those of us who know these truths can take comfort in knowing that truth will triumph over falsehood. It is easy to give up and let others fight for truth because Satan is so powerful, but God is greater. God is behind all the efforts of those precious pioneers such as Nathan Pritikin who fought for abolishing french fries and Milton Freedman for less government regulation. But in the hierarchy of truth, the one that tops the list is patriarchy.


This truth is the one Satan fights the most. It is the truth that is most buried. Even those few religious people who profess that women are to submit to men don't really know the depth of this truth. Women who have written about patriarchy such as Helen Andelin have only scratched the surface. To really understand patriarchy we must understand Sun Myung Moon. Rev. Moon's wife is the epitome of a submissive wife. She follows without complaint. For providential reasons she has been treated badly by him. Rev. Moon has done everything wrong according to Mormon or fundamental Christian definitions of patriarchy. True Mother followed Father even though he has treated her harshly and cruelly. Some of their own children don't understand this.


This is the typical scenario of human history. God is seen as cruel or at the least He asks for the impossible. To this world God makes no sense. Satan makes sure of that. Satan blurs the real truth. His way is fun and easy. Fallen man is weak and stupid. They kill Jesus, lock Sun Myung Moon in jail, and broadcast his daughter's rebellion throughout the land.


The real truth is that it is easier to follow God who speaks through the Messiah -- a man -- than it is to take the consequences of not following him. And what does the messiah say that women must do to restore this world? The messiah teaches that women are to absolutely follow their husbands. The messiah is mortal. He will die but his philosophy will live forever. Husbands will exist by the billions forever on this earth. They are the Adams who must not be dominated by their Eves.


Tough Love


God is for massive tough love in these last days. He is for order -- for laws instead of emotions. Within his boundaries there is freedom, creativity and love. Within patriarchy, men and women reach their potential. The true degree to which women follow men is not known by those few Christians such as the Promise Keepers who correctly teach that men must be the head of the house, but are so wimpy they can’t say men must be the sole provider. All men are to be like Sun Myung Moon who absolutely rules his household. That his first wives or some of his children rebel against him does not stop or slow him down. He is right, and they will return someday.


After the 60 Minutes episode, Father defended himself and said that he has even married his first wife to somebody. Obviously, she has repented for her past disobedience and now follows him. She went crazy in the early years of their marriage. True Mother followed without complaint. All women must bow to True Mother who has shown that it is possible to be a perfect follower.


The response to me from UC sisters (only western sisters have written me) has been one of disgust. Not one woman agrees with my interpretation of Sun Myung Moon. They all feel that the relationship between men and women is horizontal, not vertical.


Father says he and Mother have never fought. Why is this? It is because when he was treating her harshly like a lowly servant for years on end and then dragging her all over the world away from her babies, she never argued with him. She did not badmouth him like his first wife did. She did not throw things and slam doors like his first wife did. She quietly followed, smiled at the media and when she rarely opened her mouth, she talked reverently of Father. She has always said he is the greatest man who has ever lived. She is the ultimate role model of the godly wife. She doesn't talk about how God has spoken to her and God has said something different from her husband. She doesn't talk about things different from what he talks about. Nansook found her boring. This is how feminists view subservient wives.


Absolutes not extreme


God's way seems extreme to fallen men and women, but it is really normal. Absolutes are normal -- not the mush Satan teaches. Men are to be kings in their castles instead of wimps in their little houses.


In this transition period men must command respect and women must obey. Weak and misguided fundamental Christians think men can never pull rank and demand obedience. These are the same weak men that lost North Korea, Vietnam and didn't put Saddam Hussein in jail. Weakness in the home has led to weakness internationally. Men need to become stern. They are too touchy feely now. It is not of God to treat feminists with kid gloves. Father speaks strongly and scares the hell out of everyone. He comes with a tongue of fire and weak fallen man runs to Satan for security. It is time for mankind to wake up to Satan. It is time to grow up and become strong men and women who are in harmony. Men are to focus on becoming powerful and women are to focus on serving their men.


I know. I know. Christians quote scripture that says men are to use persuasion and never raise their voice. Leaders do have the responsibility to lead correctly but this seems to be the only focus of the Promise Keepers. The problem with this interpretation of the Bible or Master Speaks is that it is easily twisted into male bashing. It is wrong to concentrate on how a man leads instead of focusing on the massive disobedience by women in our culture. It ends up in a swamp where men are seen as not capable of leading because they are flawed. It becomes a slippery slope where women think they can't follow because men are not perfect. This leads quickly into thinking that women are led by God too and she must enlighten her "ridiculous" husband.


Women are to pray to God to get strength to follow their men, not to get insights into how to lead their family or the world. Women can't think they will follow absolutely until their husband is absolutely God centered. That makes about as much sense as saying that men are never to lead in the world until they become perfect. And it isn't God's logic if a woman thinks she can't follow because she thinks she is spiritually higher than her husband. Even is she is, she must follow anyway. Frankly, I don’t know any wife who is better at leading their family than her husband.


Books such as Me? Obey Him? give examples of how women have interpreted their husband’s leadership as not from God and therefore did not follow. Elizabeth Hanford counsels these women to follow even though they deeply feel their husband is acting selfishly and stupidly. When these women gave up their ideas and followed, they all discovered that things turned out well. When they judged the man (even after they had prayed about it), their marriage fell apart and when they humbly followed to what seemed ungodly decisions of their husbands, their marriage flourished.


Women can't say to their husbands, "I believe in patriarchy. I believe you are the head of our house." and then say, "You're irrational, you're unloving. God has told me you're wrong and I have to follow God, not you." God is for women following men, even if she absolutely knows she is right and he is wrong.


Who had a better case for not following her man than Sun Myung Moon’s first wife? He treated her like dirt. He abandoned her and years later when she found him, he paid her no attention. Won Pil Kim, his first disciple, even slept between them at night. Women have two ways to go. Either act like Hak Ja Han or Father’s first wife. Today, all western women, even UC sisters, follow the path of Father’s first wife’s disobedience. It is easy to side with the first wife but even she repented later.


Women must follow men in every level of life. What women think is minor is really major. Let’s look at the often used example of husband and wives fighting over the toothpaste. I say it is a major event because all disobedience is major. If the man wants toothpaste caps put back on toothpaste tubes and the water not run while she is brushing her teeth because it wastes water, then she must do it. She can't argue with him and say "I agree with Mona Charen who writes a national newspaper column and criticized Sesame Street for teaching children to not let the water run while they are brushing their teeth." Let’s reverse the situation. If the man runs the water while brushing his teeth the wife can't say, "When you leave the water running when you brush your teeth it drives me out of my mind because I'm a sensitive environmentalist. And True Father has taught us to conserve water. He doesn't even want his underwear washed everyday because it would use up too much water. I have to lecture you about Father for your own good. You can’t think you can do anything you want and I have no free will to say the deepest revelations and thoughts I have. I am moved when Father says that he doesn’t flush every time because it saves water. You are not always tuned into Father and don’t know the real meaning of subject and object. The subject serves. If you would serve me, you would not waste water and do as Father tells us to do. Sometimes you are not as tuned into Father as I am and it is my God given duty to lead you sometimes. You are an object to me also sometimes. You have to listen to me and sometimes give in to my wishes. We are partners. My feelings count too. If you command me to keep the water running then you are just Hyo Jin demanding obedience and using force to keep me from having freedom. I've been praying about this and God has told me to enlighten you on how to be a good leader. I love you and respect your leadership but I must point out your character flaws. Right now you are not yourself and not practicing Godly patriarchy. So stop running the water."


If the man then says, "If you criticize how I brush my teeth again I am going to give you a time out by putting you in a motel room for a day," she should apologize and beg for forgiveness and promise to not be arrogant and dominating again. But if she does not humble herself and if she will not leave, then he has the right from God to physically force her out the door. Our culture would not see it this way though because they are not of God. Now the woman goes ballistic and calls her sister and her church leader to get sympathy for not being respected and for her lack of freedom. This is the last thing she should do, but it is the first thing fallen women do.


God wants women to take criticism from men. The man has to take criticism from many people outside the home. Clinton gets a lot of criticism from such people as Orrin Hatch. Hillary should not say one word to him about his adultery or talk to anyone about it. In fact, she should pray for answers to how she has played a part in his deviant behavior. Nansook should have separated from Hyo Jin because he was violent. But in those situations that the man gives verbal abuse, then the wife should stay and take this verbal cruelty and pray for strength to endure and to ask God how she can serve him. She should not criticize him to anyone.


I know. You are saying, "This is sick. This is not God's way. How can she help him if she doesn't point out his flaws and errors?" Men are to get criticized from people outside of the home. No secular or weak Christian marriage counselor in America believes this. But the truth is that wives make things worse when they criticize their husbands to others –- especially their children.


Fallen nature screams out against God's divine order. Hillary is wrong when she thinks it would be sickening if she gave up her God-given free will that led her to become a Methodist and become a member of her husband's church, the Southern Baptists. She feels she is a person in her own right with her own beliefs and believes it is a sin to give up her brain. Feminists, like Hillary, mistakenly think that the Biblical wife is a clone of her husband and gives up having a personal relationship with God. To her the Southern Baptists are sick people who teach that Ephesians 5:22-23 is ungodly because Paul was wrong in saying that men rule women and women rule children.


Hillary is a stupid woman. She pays a terrible price for not following her husband in everything. Women can't pick and choose which final decisions men make any more than men can pick and choose which decisions their leaders make in the marketplace. If they do, then they will not last long with their company and because many women do not follow their husbands, they find themselves living somewhere else or with a man who has emotionally checked out.


We live in the last days. It is Sodom and Gomorrah -- a time of total insanity. God wants champions to lead Hillary and Bill out of their ignorance. Hillary is as disgusted with patriarchy as UC sisters who write to me denouncing me as a woman hater.


Women -- cause of divorce


Father has said over and over again that women are the cause of divorce. They initiate disunity. Unification will come when men stop acting like wimpy Adams and stand up to their wife’s rebellions. Women cause the battle of the sexes, but men must end it. I ask all those men who accept patriarchy and those men in the UC who have never even heard of it to join with me to teach a muscular patriarchy -- not the wimpy patriarchy of the Mormons, Southern Baptists or Promise Keepers. They are just boys playing husband. It's time for men to have the guts of Sun Myung Moon and push for an absolute standard.


Sadly, it will take a lifetime of effort but happily victory will come if men persevere. I challenge men to demand respect and stand up to feminists and wimpy men -- even the sweet well-meaning Mormons and Promise Keepers. They have another hill to climb. Do not accept anything but total harmony in your home. Your word is law and severe punishment will follow if you are not obeyed. Don't listen to the voices of Oprah, Hillary and Baptist ministers in your left ear. Hear God in your right ear saying, "Stand firm."


Demand there be no more arguments. Command your wife to shut up when she fights your final decisions. When men become real men in their homes then we will start to have real men in our government who will not turn to young immoral interns for comfort and to pacifism in the face of evil men like Fidel Castro. He has been in power for 40 years because of weak men like the Senator Orrin Hatch, a devout Mormon. Stephen Covey is another one of these weak Mormons. He is so weak that he can't even get his wife to not bloat up to 300 pounds. I saw a documentary on him. It showed a scene of his family standing in their kitchen. Dominos had delivered dinner of pizzas and everyone was laughing while standing there eating this high fat junk food. They should have been eating a low fat meal prepared by Mrs. Covey at an attractive table. Food should be prepared and served with love. Covey cannot even organize his family to accomplish this and put this on his video. And he writes a best seller on family!


It's time for no more Mr. Nice Guy. It's time to be totally politically incorrect. It's time to stand up for Sun Myung Moon's absolutes. Godism is greater than Christianity and Mormonism. It is time to stretch -- to be great -- to be strong against evil. To do this means men will be criticized severely as Father is by his own daughter.


I challenge women -- especially those who say they believe in patriarchy, to give up any notion that absolute obedience means to be a slave. Within absolute patriarchy is true freedom. This is where chivalry, joy, romance and true love will come to women. There is only poverty and pain in rebellion. Men feel romantic when women are opposite to men. The more women become leaders, the more men seek to give and get love elsewhere. I am not intimidated anymore by the anger or the tears of UC sisters who think they know better. One UC sister, a seminary graduate, told me once, "I don't like the word patriarchy. I have a relationship with God and Father too." This sister's husband heard this and within days was asking to have sex with my wife!


Sisters, give up your ideas of where you live. Countless men have not had the choice of where they live. President Truman had to live in Washington D.C. At that time the White House was being remodeled and he had to live across the street. He had no choice of where to live. His wife rebelled and didn't want to live there and spent a lot of time in a house that she liked in Missouri. Women have to give up loving their house, their mother, their children, their career, and all the other loves women have and start loving their husband and adapt to him. A woman can only grow spiritually if she follows her husband. Children will only grow up to be strong and healthy if they see her enthusiastically follow wherever he goes. Children should be taught to honor their father and not complain or get depressed if he moves them to another city or country. Helen Andelin writes in her book on children that it is best to have a stable home, but I notice that they have moved several times themselves. Historically, God's champions often move around. In fact, one of the tests for many of His champions is to uproot and move such as Moses wandering in the wilderness. It shouldn't matter to the woman where or how often a man moves or what kind of house she lives in. If the husband says in the morning they are moving to the South Pole and all he talks about is penguins then the wife must pack the bags and listen with rapt attention to his hours of talk about how fun it is to live in snow. If he changes his mind in the afternoon and says they are not going, but will live as they are, she unpacks the bags without complaint. If he again changes his mind in the evening and announces he wants to live in Arizona and study the cactus plant in a remote cabin in the desert, the wife must adapt.


Her job is to shift gears and keep the home a peaceful, harmonious refuge where the man can be energized. She keeps the house a well-oiled machine. How can a man climb to the top of the mountain if his base camp is not in order? If there is disunity in a base camp it is pointless to strive to higher peaks. A woman’s focus is to serve her husband and give up her ideas about where she lives and how her husband leads her family. She is his helper. His main focus is not serving her but serving people outside his home so he can support his family. If a man does not support his family it is usually because the woman or other women have depressed him. Wives must unite internally as well as externally. Don’t get me wrong. Men are not supposed to be waited on constantly by a bunch of sycophants in his house. He has duties to oversee the house and make sure the lawn is mowed and house painted. But he spends most of his time with his customers or his employer serving outside the home. Her job is as important as his, but there is a division of labor and women cannot treat their husband in a cavalier manner just as her husband cannot treat those above him in a cavalier manner.


Women, give up your ideas of how your husband should lead your family. Unite with his directions -– no matter how diabolical they may seem to you. Give up Satan. God is trying to tell you to unite. He loves you and wants you to have more beauty and tender romance than you can ever imagine. Stop thinking and saying bad things about your man. Never say a critical word to him or to anyone else. And I mean never. If you can't do this, then why are you with him? If you can't unite, then don't live with him. Don't create disunity in your home. If it's too hot in the kitchen, get out. Come back when you overcome your rebelliousness. Hopefully, he will still be there when you come back after getting your head together and have gotten rid of your evil spirit world. But he may not be there. This is the chance you take. There are sometimes awful consequences for disobeying leaders.


True Parents have paved the way. They are people with flesh and blood. We can be just like them -- fearless in the face of Satan's terrible storm. Pioneers have a difficult life. But we really have no choice. We have to push for the highest standard. So many have died for what freedom we have now. One million young American men are buried all around the world so that I can speak freely what women find "disgusting." They say I "hate" women. Aubrey Andelin told me he has experienced this same reaction but the truth is that he loves women (and so do I). We hate it that women act unfeminine, but we love women and want the best for them. God is behind our words. Only in order can love and growth and happiness thrive. Someday women will stop following Satan and men will stop following women. Someday women will stop being cops and go home and be quiet. Now they are aggressive and noisy. Someday women will be tamed. For that glorious day, I pledge to fight the good fight. Will you join me in this greatest of crusades?


How do we create healthy marriages and families? We do it the same way we create any healthy organization. We must follow the laws that God has made for relationships. These laws are as precise as the laws of physics. There are many books on how to build successful marriages and organizations. Because mankind is still at the adolescent level, books are at a teenage level of understanding. With Sun Myung Moon we get an adult view. We are supposed to stand on his shoulders and elaborate on how to build harmonious relationships.


Rev. Moon does not give many details on how people are to relate to each other. He also doesn’t go into detail scientifically and give the cure for cancer or the formula for nuclear fusion. It is our job to discover and teach the truth also.


The basis of Father’s teachings are that we must see things from God’s viewpoint. This means we must see that God wants unification. "Unification" is Father’s favorite word. He has achieved mixed results when it comes to unity in his own family and movement. But he has done such a monumental job that we should never criticize him if we feel he has not done everything correctly in his leadership. He is the messiah. Who are we to judge him? Do we even have all the facts to make a judgement? Father says we don’t. We must never forget that restoration is messy and sometimes central figures must do things that seem to defy logic, common sense and even morality. Jesus’ mother had to commit adultery to conceive.

Un Jin told the world on 60 minutes that Father had an illegitimate son called Sammy. She did not say who the mother is. Nansook writes in her book that Father acknowledged this child as his. Hyo Jin had told Nansook that since his Father is a philanderer then he can do it too because he is the son of the messiah. Father told Nansook that what Father did was "providential" and what Hyo Jin did was wrong. It is wrong for Hyo Jin to dominate others by simply saying he has position and not backing it up with deeds that cause others to respect him. As I have written earlier, he is the rare man who is totally possessed and no one should follow criminals like him. For the rest of mankind, it is OK to exercise their power in their position by saying, "Do as I say simply because I am your leader." Or "Mother" or "General" etc. John Rosemond writes that parents do this all the time and that is OK. Rosemond writes in his books on raising children that a mother can say "Because I told you to" all she likes. A husband has the same right to say it to her. A good mother will not take one second of disrespect or disobedience from her children. She won’t even stand for a bad attitude, whining, or depression. A man has the right and duty to call his wife on the carpet if she does the same to him. The President of the United States can demand obedience sometimes, and he does not have to give all the reasons and sometimes he doesn’t give any. That is all right. But if a leader’s decisions are consistently wrong to the point he shows he is not capable of leadership, then his followers will rebel. Judging leadership is a tricky thing though. We must always be very careful.


Judging Leaders


Even though Clinton demeaned the office of the Presidency with an affair, polls show Americans overwhelmingly feel his good points make his presidency one in which the glass is half-full – not half empty. The majority of Republicans in congress probably feel differently. Eventually they will decide. It is often difficult to judge others but we can’t go through the day without judging. We discriminate all day long. A mother may spank a child sometimes. She may force the child who is screaming and kicking into a room for a time out.


There are many books by people who tell their story and make judgments of others. There are many books on Presidents. Some are favorable. Some are not. Sometimes judgments change over time. Nixon is now seen as a bad president. Father said he was a good president and told America to forgive him and then unite. He was for Reagan and against Carter.


Reagan was criticized by his daughter Patti who rebelled against her parents –- even posing nude in Playboy magazine. She sided with Jane Fonda on liberal issues. She blasted her mother just as Nansook blasted her mother-in-law. From God’s viewpoint Reagan had a great mission to end communism during his presidency. His wife, Nancy, followed him and supported his very public career. It would be easy to side with Patti and say Nancy is a cold bitch. It is easy to criticize Hak Ja Han for being a bad mother. But we have to see things from God’s viewpoint. Communism killed 150 million people. God needed strong leaders to crush it. Leaders can’t always do right in every area of life. Sometimes they have to love the world more than their family and sacrifice their family for the war. Patti should have done as her sister Maureen did, and join the Republican cause. Her brother Michael shouldn’t be so down on his step-mother. Mrs. Reagan was right in focusing more on her husband than on her children.


This transition period is a terrible time. Everyone feels they are doing their best and everyone has their own interpretation of how well others are doing. But men’s interpretations must take priority over women’s views.


Father teaches us that by knowing the Principle and reading his words we can discern what is good and what is evil. Sadly, his followers have been unable to really understand him. This is why only a few thousand have joined in America after he has lived here for 25 years and spoken countless hours to members. Satan fogs up everyone’s minds -- even those who have advanced spiritually enough to take the time to hear the Principle and then accept it.


The most fundamental error Unificationists have made is their complete misunderstanding of subject and object. They cannot see that this is a leader/follower relationship and men lead women. Sisters in the UC haven’t got a clue when it comes to seeing that they do not have equal power with men. Men are the bosses; women are the employees. Men are the presidents; women are the vice-presidents. Men are the generals; women are the colonels. Men are the coaches; women are the assistant coaches. Men are the judges; women are the lawyers. Women wrongly think they can speak casually to men and about men.


To help understand the relationship between husbands and wives, lets use an analogy. Let's compare a man to a judge and a woman to a lawyer in a courtroom. The judge and the lawyer have equal value as human beings but do not share equal power in their relationship. The Judge listens to the lawyer and men are to listen to their wives. But men, like judges, have to make final decisions and if the woman does not she is held in contempt. A Judge will bang the gavel and demand obedience. The man cannot force a wife to obey, but he should have the right to use the force of police to force her out of his house if he feels she is being disrespectful but refuses to leave. That does not exist today. Our culture would probably side with the woman if a man called the police for such a politically incorrect stand.


Women see themselves as lawyers and men as lawyers and they can argue forever. The four position foundation diagram is limited. It does not take into account that the man has superior power. He is in a vertical relationship and like a judge must be obeyed. Sometimes Judges listen a lot, sometimes they don't. When lawyers or anyone speaks to a judge they must not be casual and must speak humbly. Women haven't got a clue that these are the real dynamics of their relationship with men and, of course, men don't know either.


Satan’s way is rebellion -– a disrespect for those in authority. Women have no respect for men. And men have no respect for themselves. This is why they gave women the vote and now men and women vote to destroy the Constitution and lifestyle of the founding fathers.


Women are everything from cops to the Attorney General of the United States. The atmosphere of confusion is so great that even Unificationists cannot rise above it. They are digested by our culture as much as anyone else. Name me one voice you hear that strongly speaks out against women leading men? You can’t. I am a voice crying in the wilderness. I have been able to only convince my sons that I am right. They treat me with respect. No one else does. Someday what I write will be understood as clearly as the belief that the earth is round. I thank God that I have the freedom to even write what I have. What I write upsets people -– especially women because the truth hurts.


Henpecked sissies


The world is upside down. Men are henpecked sissies who can’t command respect in their homes or respect from international despots like Castro. Judges let monsters out of jail to rape again. Men eat the crap women dish up for breakfast, lunch and dinner and die an agonizing death of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, etc. because women could care less about their sacred duty to be a good housewife. Name me one woman who can even do the simple task of feeding her man correctly? I can’t. Women kill men with sausage and cake and they kill them with their general disaffected attitude toward male authority.


Name me one woman that meekly follows her husband wherever he goes. If any man wants to move, his wife will probably go ballistic. And if he stands firm, she will go into a depression and nag and cry until the whole family will give in just to make their home livable. Women were created to adapt to their husbands. If he wakes up one morning and gets a vision of saving souls in an African village where it is always 100 degrees and no electricity, the wife will go nuts. Name me one woman you know who wouldn’t go crazy if her husband did this.


Can you name me one woman who is as close to Reagan as George Bush was when he was vice-president? When Bush ran for the Presidency the year Reagan did, he criticized Reagan’s economic plan severely. Later when he was appointed Vice-President, he was asked about his difference with Reagan. Bush said that nobody will ever see "light" between him and the President. And no one ever did.


Shouldn’t marriages be even closer than the President and the Vice-President? Vice-President Mondale said that he disagreed with President Carter’s decision to not let America go to the Olympics when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. Did anyone hear that? No. He and Carter always showed unity. He gave up his ideas and served his President. Name me one woman who can say there is no light between her and her husband.


The only reason there are arguments and tension in homes is because wives don’t unite. How can there be love and success without unity? America’s homes are devastated because women expect romance after they disagree with their husband’s decisions.


Women think they can have their cake and eat it too. Satan whispers in their ears that they are slaves and their husband is an evil plantation owner. Men and women must understand that unity must come first. America is focused on romantic feelings. This usually leads to pre-marital sex and then a short marriage. Those marriages that do last are usually pathetic.


Marriage is as serious as a partnership in business. Look at the military. What is the relationship of a seaman on a submarine to his commanding officer (CO)? How does he treat the CO? Of course, he never argues with his superior. He does as he is told –- no matter how demeaning the tone or stupid the direction he feels it is he is given. What would our armed forces be like if lower ranked personnel treated their superiors the way women treat men in homes? It is unthinkable for a private to raise his voice at a Sergeant. Yet women have become feminists who denounce male leadership and treat men in a cavalier manner all day long. Women yell at their husbands all the time. They should never raise their voice to their husband just as no one should raise their voice to an authority figure. And now women have infiltrated the military and weakened its spirit.


Because women have become disobedient we see young people do the same. There was little divorce in the 19th century because women would receive severe punishment if they rebelled. If she divorced, she lost the children. Today men are weak and give the children to women after a divorce. Women feel they don’t need men. They feel they can live independently, and if they can’t then Uncle Sam will give them a house and food stamps. Women have no shame in taking welfare.


Power has shifted from men to women and big government. God’s way is completely different from this world’s way. God’s way is seen as arrogant and mean. Men need to stand up for order. They must take the screams and lectures and depression of women as well as a duck takes to water and not let it get to them. Men should never hit a woman physically, but they must demand respect for their position. Women will join the workplace and treat their men bosses with more respect than they do to their husbands. Criticizing a boss is a heavy thing to do.


Husband is like any boss


Let’s give some examples to make the point that men are the boss of their house and are not treated as some boss a woman may have in the marketplace. A woman goes to work at a fast food restaurant. The manager orders her around all day long. He may not even say "please" every time he gives a command. He may not even say it in a nice tone. If he says, "Soak some beans and then cook them when they are ready. We need it for tomorrow." She will do as she is told. What if her husband said the same thing in her kitchen that night when she got home? What if she answered, "No. I want to use up the leftovers and save the beans for another time. Also I don’t feel like doing it right now. I have some things I have to do, and I haven’t got time to do a lot of cooking right now." And then she walks off. What would happen to the woman if she had said that to her boss a few hours before? She would probably get fired. Can a husband fire a wife? With a 50 percent divorce rate, men are firing women, and women are firing men by kicking each other out of the house by the millions. Something is wrong on a massive scale.


An employee speaks carefully to a boss, even if they know they are right. Women routinely treat men in their homes completely wrong. If a man explodes at a woman she goes ballistic. If he ignores her when she disobeys or ignores her for the sake of peace and tranquility in the home, then he builds up resentment. If he tries to talk to her about it in a calm manner, she lectures him about how she needs her space and can’t be criticized. And then women will retaliate by criticizing men for how they are poor followers to their leaders. Men can’t win with women. It is always win/lose, not win/win.


Women think they can freely invite the next door neighbor over for coffee and criticize her husband. They freely criticize their husbands to their children to get support. She only digs her grave deeper when she mutinies and tries to enlist support from others. Women today are like the stupid woman in Proverbs who destroys her home.


Sadly government has now interfered with men leading the home and men leading in the marketplace. Feminists have got judges to give children to women in divorce and to make unions and other ridiculous people have the power to fine business leaders and even worse to force businesses to take people back who strike and are rebellious. There is a war against authority. Recently, I saw a pathetic sight. Picketers were outside a business. Their grievance was that they were "forced" to take overtime. Their union made signs that said, "overtime is not family time." I knew one of the picketers. He lived in government housing and should be working overtime. Business leaders cannot hire and fire as they wish anymore. Why? Because of bitchy feminists who see abuse everywhere. To a feminist, force is anyone doing what they don’t like. If a boss wants to fire someone because an employee explodes in anger and throw things, feminists say he must be patient and keep this person around. To kick the employee out would be "force" and therefore they are entitled to get the police to use real "force" to make the owner be a loving, kind and good supervisor. Men don’t stand up to women because the state will side with the woman. Men are bad. Women are good. All women now see themselves as victims and this nonsense is now the ideology of our government. One of the most dramatic examples of the disrespect for authority is the professional basketball player, Latrell Sprewell, who choked his coach during a game in rage for a call made. The coach fired him. The player sued and some wimpy judge forced the coach to take him back.


People haven’t got a clue today how "force" should be used. They won’t use force against Castro but they will force a business to pay millions to a stupid woman who puts hot coffee in her groin area as she pulls away from a fast food restaurant, gets burned because of her own foolishness, and then blames the evil capitalist who has hurt her and sues them for millions of dollars. Then feminized juries award the stupid woman the money.


Disobedience to authority must be punished. If an employee yells at a boss and the boss doesn’t like it, the boss has the right to kick the person out -- forever if he wants. Marriages are to be eternal and employer/employee relationships are not. Still, the husband has the right and even duty to separate from the wife for insubordination, but they should not divorce. Legally people can divorce. Morally, I don’t think they ever should, especially if there are children. Time will heal all wounds. We all make mistakes and in time we will all be perfect and can begin the process of forgetting past sins and crimes -– no matter how bad -– even murder and incest.




Still, people are going to divorce until mankind grows up. But we should always counsel separation, not divorce. Couples should separate if they fight verbally. Separation should not be limited to only physical abuse. Separation is better than staying together and fighting. A home is a refuge and must be kept a sacred place. Women should be the ones to leave. They should be the ones to stay at a motel, get an apartment, or move in with family or friends. Unless the man is the rare man who is violent or severely deviant, the man takes priority. Today society sides with women, but it is women who are the cause of the fights in the terrible battle of the sexes. Some glorious day women will not only go back home but really be in the home as a feminine spirit instead of a competitor of their man.


Written roles of conduct


Covey made a tremendous breakthrough when he discovered that individuals, families, businesses and organizations should write a value and mission statement. We should go one step further and write detailed statements of rules of conduct.


Prenuptial contracts are a good example. Brian Tracy writes against them saying that they are self-fulfilling prophecies of failure. Mr. Tracy is wrong on this one. In a book on premarital contracts an author gave good reasons to have one. One is that it is a powerful exercise in goal setting and value statement formation. When a couple is in an emotional state of intense romance they tend to overlook the harsh realities of life and think that feelings are all that is needed.


Another reason he gives is that the State has made a contract anyway. And the State can make decisions that are wrong or against the wishes of the parties involved. He gives several examples where judges ruled in divorce and in probate cases that were not right and could have been avoided if the parties had written a prenuptial agreement. In business, it is smart to have a legal contract that spells out the responsibilities, rules and reprimands of not living up to the rules -- even if it is between two brothers who love each other. People fall out of love and some of the bitterest fights are civil wars between family members. Some divorces are nasty. Each side accuses the other of being wrong and never admit to their own wrongs.


But we shouldn't make lists, rules and regulations just because of potential lawsuits. We need detailed lists of rules of behavior to create harmony in our relationships.


We need to write and constantly rewrite lists of dos and don’ts and punishments for every aspect of our lives. Once I worked for a cab company. I remember they had an employee manual that you were asked to read and then sign. There were many dos and don’ts lasting several pages. The owner had several examples of negative behavior that he would punish. If anyone showed up to work drunk, they were fired on the spot and would never be able to work there again. One rule was that a man's hair could not be very long. If his hair touched his collar he would be called in and told to cut it. If he did not then he was fired. Just for being called in to the office he was given one demerit on his record. If an employee received 3 demerits in any 6 month period, then he was fired. The point I'm making is that every organization needs to write a detailed list of dos and don’ts and punishments.


There was nothing in the taxi manual that specifically mentioned that a driver should not have sex with a woman in the cab when he was on duty. The manual should have been a thick one that mentioned this and many other things an employee can and can't do. There may have been some vague statement in the manual that said a taxi driver must act legally or responsibility. The problem with vague, undefined statements is that people don't always agree on what is correct behavior and because of the total incompetence of public education and parents in general not teaching their children, most people do not even know some of the basic laws that police enforce. And even if they somehow absorbed these dos and don’ts people are so in a fog they need to see them in writing and they even need to talk to a person of character about every single one of the laws face to face. And even still because human beings are so low spiritually, undisciplined, led by their baser instincts, and are essentially morally lazy, they need to hear it over and over again. Father says each person should read the Bible at least three times. Have you? Do you know anybody? I don't. You probably don't like the word "brainwashing" but how about the words - "repeat," "drill," "teach by repetition."


Fallen man is stupid in not writing down all the negatives and make people look at them and sign a pledge to never do even one of these evil and immoral deeds. It is wrong to not make a will. Most people don't and when they do they usually don't update it because of the immaturity of not looking at the harsh realities of life.


Almost everyone gets married and the government is so out of it that there is no pamphlet given to the emotional couple that gives even the simplest explanation of what marital laws they are signing to abide by when they sign their marriage contract. Mankind has been muddling along for thousands of years. Everyone is basically running on one cylinder instead of all eight. People get married and have children and spend their time at some pathetic level of love and order. Now half of all marriages end in divorce and bitter custody fights. Business partnerships end in court battles. Countless hours are wasted in probate courts because of different views people have on how to distribute the assets. People are squeamish about death. They don't want to talk about "negative" things. But negative things happen all the time and people should grow up and acknowledge them.


Sadly, children should hear these things too. Every family should have a written constitution that spells out what is proper and what is not. One of the most devastating negatives in the world is the taboo against incest. This should be faced. How many cases of incest might have never happened if families talked openly about it, watched a movie or video that dramatized it and then signed a form, read it aloud and pledged that they will not touch their family in an inappropriate manner?


What if every day or every week or once a month a police officer had students at school say to him out loud and sign a contract that they will not steal cars, hit people, shoot innocent people with guns, spit on people, throw things at people, raise their voice to their parents, have premarital intercourse, take drugs, etc. The list is long. Would we have as much divorce and juvenile delinquency and addictions if people would understand the power of the written word and write down all of these negatives and pledge to not do them?


The founding fathers said very little in the Constitution. They should have written more. Not only should we write all the bad things but we should write all the good things and even write reasons why we should do the right things and not do the wrong things. Adam and Eve were running on empty. They didn’t have enough reasons to keep them from running with their emotions. The founding fathers say the President must be over 35 years old and a few other external things. They say he can be removed from office if he commits "high crimes and misdemeanors." What the hell does that mean? They should have written more. It would be great if people could write it today but men and women in the 20th century have far less character and intelligence than those men who wrote the Constitution.


James Madison, John Jay, and Alexander Hamilton wrote the classic Federalist Papers that everyone read at the time of the founding of America. They wrote these great statements to influence Americans to make America a great country. Each one of them in at least one of the papers they wrote used the word "virtue" in respect to the President. Each said that the President should be a person of great "virtue." They also said he should have "wisdom" and "ability." But virtue is the word each one used and emphasized. Virtue? What is that to 20th century mankind? No one even uses the word anymore. What is virtue to socialists and feminists? Clinton and most Americans feel that he is doing a good job even though he has oral sex in the oval office while he is on the phone to a congressman in the middle of a work day.


Does he have "virtue?" I don’t think so. But America could care less. Look at Americans walk down the street. Excuse me for being "negative" and not seeing things "positively" and seeing all the "goodness" and "love" but I see obese women who are bosses to men in many businesses. Even in our military and fire departments. Tocqueville’s prediction has come true -- weak men and disorderly women.


What if Clinton had to read out loud, sign and pledge to not do 1000 detailed disgusting things while he is President and one of them is having sexual relations with anyone other than his wife? The founding fathers assumed that one. Clinton publicly explains that oral sex with a bimbo is not "sexual relations." And he is a Yale law graduate. So much for higher education and college degrees. America’s schools have not taught wisdom and morality. And most of America sits likes morons in front of the TV they are addicted to and nod their head in agreement to Clinton’s nonsense and denounce those "negative" commentators who are probably right wing religious nuts anyway.


How can Clinton say he is a member of the Southern Baptists when they say the woman is submissive to the husband and this is a major tenet of their belief? Clinton laughs when he hears this. Why doesn’t he join Hillary’s church, the Methodists, who denounce patriarchy and condone and encourage homosexuals to join their church?


We have to face reality and do the things that bring success. We need to write our dos and don’ts in great detail and repeat them constantly but not in a way that it degenerates into a meaningless chant the Boy Scouts do when they fly through the Scout oath and law and never talk deeply about what "morally straight" means. Is there one Boy Scout in the world that knows that "morally straight" means no premarital sex? Has any scout leader ever said it even once to his troop, let alone face to face and discussed the pros and cons and morality of it? I am an Eagle Scout and I have a son that is one. Neither of us ever heard just what morally straight is. The president of the Boy Scouts of America has never written a list of what is moral and what is not. The founder Baden Powell said a few things at the turn of the century but even he didn’t spell it out clearly.


To be successful we need to go far beyond Zig Ziglar’s goal setting for money and loss of excess weight, and we need to go far beyond Covey’s short little vague mission and value statements. We need a lengthy dos and don’ts and whys and punishments and rewards. We need massive rules that are God centered. We can always refine the code of conduct but we must emphasize the side of overkill and too much repetition rather than muddling along assuming everyone knows men shouldn’t have sex with sheep. Let’s write down everything we can think of and constantly remind ourselves. If we don’t then we will be moved by Satan who puts Michael Jordan on TV every 15 minutes telling you how great a Big Mac is. A Big Mac is a drug as deadly as cocaine. And then we need to indoctrinate people to not turn to government force to stop Jordan from teaching that high fat food is good and that his earring is cool. That use of force is worse than what Jordan does.


Government has taken over the education of the young. Parents have given up and so we have kids shooting their parents. One kid in Oregon killed his parents who were both school teachers and then went to school and killed and maimed some students. The governor of Oregon then announced that no one was to blame. Oh? I suppose these things are just chemical imbalances of the brain and all we need is for science to find a pill we can all take to make us act right.


Religious leaders should have judged the boy’s mother for working outside the home instead of staying at home and taking care of her son. Religious leaders are a joke. Billy Graham is a joke. Sun Myung Moon is not a joke like the media makes him out to be. He speaks of absolutes but he has not been able to explain to his own kids how to act right. He expected Won Pil Kim and other Korean Leaders to do it but they failed and treated the true children like the ancient Chinese who groveled before idiotic child emperors. Won Pil Kim should have spanked Hyo Jin’s butt and True Parents should have been told "negative" things about Hyo Jin and advised he get no money for his drugs and women. But Father had only sycophants who saw Hyo Jin as the Aztec Sun God. Perhaps they feared they would be banished from the court for bearing bad news. Because of these gutless wonders everything fell apart. People must have the guts to speak out against evil. The greatest evil is the teachings of Marx and Stanton. We must shout anti-Communism and anti-feminism from the rooftops. Michael Jordan gets hundreds of millions of dollars for teaching his poison while he wears an earring. Oprah is almost a billionaire. She is like a God in America. She says that she does not "need a man to be whole." Hillary is the most admired woman in the world and Oprah is the second. Time magazine put Oprah on the cover and a woman wrote a letter to the editor saying she is one of the greatest "spiritual leaders of our time." How long can America survive with this kind of thinking? Oprah is a tool for Satan.


Look at their disgusting lives and weep for the millions who have crashed because they have followed these role models. These women are Cains killing men who women should look to as their Abels. They are opposite of the quiet subservient wife Helen Andelin writes of. They are as "fascinating" as a pile of dog crap. They are so gross it is beyond my powers of expression to express. Their ideology and lifestyles are so foul that no amount of thousand dollar dresses can make them look good. If Hillary cooked good meals to keep her husband from bloating up and if Oprah would feed her wimpy fornicator boyfriend good food, not only would their men live longer but so would these women. It is to their advantage that they serve their men. What goes around comes around. Oprah’s been fat for so long because she is centered on herself instead of her man. She blames it on men who have abused her and men in general that abuse mankind with their cruel patriarchy, but the truth is that it is Oprah -- it is women -- who have become aggressive and compete with men and therefore crush men’s spirit.


Will you join me in writing the rules of conduct? Let’s make a written agreement to ourselves and with others that push us to live a high standard life. Let’s elevate the three R’s from Reading, Riting, and Rithmatic to Rules, Responsibilities, and Reprimands.


A good place would be the Bible that speaks strongly against sin. In the Bible we can find lists of sins and absolute judgment on each one. Let’s write a list of good and moral actions and a list of evil and immoral actions. Help me write this list. At the top of this list we need to write the rules that each person must live by in their home.


In the contract for the wife, it must not mince any words when it comes to the seriousness of her role as an assistant to her husband. She must overcome her fallen nature that drives her to dominate her husband. One thing that should be absolutely forbidden is for wives to argue with their husbands. They must meekly and humbly obey his final decisions. She can never yell at her husband. He, on the other hand, can yell. The wife can yell and raise her voice to her children, but they can not yell back. There is a chain of command in the family as there is in any organization. There must be obedience. Any disobedience is serious. A wife, like any employee in business or soldier in the army or athlete to his coach and referees, must treat those in command with respect. Women and children must not even show depression when a man gives guidance. It is not only the outward behavior that is important but the attitude as well. If there is disobedience in any form then punishment must be given. If a person cannot unite with a leader then that person may have to live elsewhere. A wife cannot mope around the house and upset the children because she is unhappy with her husband. She must leave the house until she can totally unite. We need a high standard in our homes -- not the low standard of this world. We must end divorce and fighting and juvenile delinquency. When there is absolute order in the home then there will be true love. Strong men in homes will lead to strong men in society which will bring world peace.


Women should not think that their free will is taken away from them by living within the boundaries a man sets for her. Very few men are martinets. Unless the man is a criminal who should be behind bars, she should stretch to unite with his decisions. As I wrote earlier, we must see that punishment should be as swift and ruthless in the home as it is outside the home in all the other organizations. My son Joe has a job at a restaurant. Last night he told me what had happened at work. It was a nightmare. Joe was scheduled to leave at the lunch hour. An employee called in saying he was not coming in because he was going on vacation for two weeks and he didn't care what the manager thought. Since he had not notified the manager and given him time to schedule this as the employee manual required employees to do, the manager fired him on the phone. He didn't agonize about it. He didn't consult anyone. He didn't call headquarters. He simply made a decision. Men are to make many decisions and they can't always make them slowly or with touchy feely meetings with others. Leaders don’t always show patience and kindness and tact and forgiveness, etc.


Since they were now short handed, Joe offered to help through lunch. During an intense rush of customers, Joe told the manager he needed help at the drive through because of the massive amount of people. The manager told a girl who was assisting the cook to go help Joe. She, like so many young people today who haven't got a clue to how things work, told him that she was busy helping the cook. He told her she was needed more at the window than where she was. Then she blurted out in frustration that "everyone needs me. I'm staying here for now." The manager fired back, "Leave now." She immediately begged to stay, but even though he was in a bind, he was firm. Joe stayed the rest of the day and worked 11 hours. It was a frustrating day because they were so short handed. Customers would get angry and take it out on Joe who was at the front counter. Because of the disobedience of others, Joe's quality of life was lowered, other people suffered, and the business lost some customers. All because of arrogance to leadership. The manager had no choice but to expel these employees. Joe asked the manager later if he was going to fire the girl with the disrespectful attitude. He said he would if she did it again. Organizations cannot function if there is not absolute obedience in the chain of command.


People have the idea that families are different. They are not. Punishment must be given to wives who do not obey. Perhaps a good idea would be to have a list of some things she is to do and not do and the punishments given for doing wrong. In some cases she should be expelled from the house. Let's say a wife disobeys her husband and he feels this particular infraction of the rules warrants her to be grounded for a day at a motel, with friends or at a poor people's shelter if the family is poor. If she keeps being a problem in the family maybe he will kick her out of the house for an indefinite period of time until she convinces him that she has grown to the level spiritually that she can be a good follower. Of course, everyone would hope that this drastic measure would never have to be used, but realistically I don't see how most women will just be quiet and unite simply because men put their foot down and give a command. Do you know any woman that will stop dead in her tracks and be quiet simply because a man told her to? Do you know any wife that will relocate wherever the man wants to live without getting depressed? Do you know any woman who never criticizes her husband? I don't.


America is so sick with feminism it will probably take some drastic measures by men before women get the picture. Verbal reprimands by men are just noise women dismiss without thinking.


Another thing men must stand up to is women's tears and her tactic of using men's natural feelings of chivalry to make men be lenient with women's darts. Women act like bitches sometimes and then expect men to take their crap without a word. In fact women think they can do anything without consequences. And of course they accuse men of being the cause of women's lousy behavior. If a woman loses it and yells at her husband it is because of the husband. If a woman initiates a put-down of a man, he deserves it. If a woman screws up in any way, a man is supposed to give her a hug and laugh it off. Or he is to apologize for hurting her when it is women who start arguments and create tension. Men must become men again and expect unity and harmony at all times in their homes. Women must understand there are boundaries and rules. And they must humbly take the punishment men give. Children must take it from her and they must see her take it from her man. Children naturally follow, but women don't. The key problem in America is women. They must be put in their place. Men can't just rely on verbal reprimands. Actions must be taken. Women have to stop their incessant talking to children and use more actions. Mothers let children run all over them because they never spank or give them time outs. Women should not get spank, but they should get time outs in a motel room if they won't obey. (Years ago Norman Vincent Peale recommended men spank their wives if she is selfish in his book Sin, Sex and Self Control).


Hundreds of men can get along smoothly in a submarine that protects our country, For months on end the commanding officer will never hear on word of disobedience. Of course, there are always a few low lifes who will get drunk when they get shore leave or do something wrong. The Navy has a list of dos and don'ts and punishments to fit every situation. Sometimes the captain of the ship has to kick someone off the boat. All leaders have to resort to that at some time. Families are no different. If older children talk back they must get punished. If a child is 16 years or older then he or she should be kicked out if they are consistently rebellious. Some children under the age of 16 are juvenile delinquents and should be put in detention centers if there are no family or friends capable of helping them. Women must see that their position is like a lieutenant on a ship who treats the captain with tremendous respect at all times. Lieutenants who mope around depressed, sob in their bunks or argue and nag and disobey any order of the captain are spoken to harshly at the least and kicked out at the most. A captain cannot listen to nonsense about the tone of his voice or that he has to be patient. He can't be lectured to with quotes in the Bible about how he has to be "understanding" and from Father's words about he has to serve the "object." There is a time for patience and there is a time for punishment. Women have used up all the patience of men and now need to overcome their fallen nature and restore their femininity.


Another tactic of women is their argument that what men ask is "impossible." Men basically do not ask for the impossible. God doesn't put people in situations they can't handle. If a woman has a husband then she has the ability to unite. She can't demand leniency and silly arguments that the man must take into account all the good she has done. Just because someone does right for a long time and then messes up does not mean that they now should not be spoken to harshly. Women can't fall back on the argument that they are different than men and more gentle and have to be handled with kid gloves. They are not so weak that they can break a man's heart and spirit with their bad attitude and lectures. Women must start to take responsibility for the devastation they have caused and men must have the guts to not be intimidated with their cries for mercy or their accusations that men ask for perfection. Men don't ask for perfection. They ask for decent behavior just as they ask for it everywhere else in their life. If the family is to become the school of love then it must become the school of tough love also.


James Dobson invented the term "tough love." He is a wimpy conservative Christian. He says in his book Love Must Be Tough that he sees some "positive elements" in the "women's movement": "There is no doubt in my mind that the movement has brought greater respect and dignity for females, especially in the business world." Well, there is no doubt in my mind that Dobson is a wimp. Feminism has been 100% evil and not brought more respect and dignity for women. And Dobson, like all Christians who are weak and pathetic, doesn't know that all women are supposed to be in the home and not in business. He is not tough enough on the aggressiveness of women in our society today. Stephen Covey in his weak book on families called The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families begins by saying that no one is to "judge": people should "Stop trying to change their spouse and just go to work on themselves." Everyone is supposed to be "patient, persistent and non-manipulating." He goes on and on about "unconditional love." He doesn't have the guts to say that men are to be the final decision makers in their families. His book is the typical mush that is out there. Christians will write nonsense that marital fights and explosions are normal and couples need to fight "fair" and "civilized." God has no interest in fair fights. He is for absolute harmony. He is for children never hearing their parents argue. And this can only happen when women quit fighting, give in and follow their man. If you're reading this and think that this an unrealistic expectation -- think again. Get out of small thinking. This is stinking thinking. Don't let Satan play games with your mind and tell you that I am just rationalizing a philosophy of dictatorship where men are martinets who never listen to their wife and children and forces his family to dote on his every desire.


When a woman focuses on her husband more than herself she is not giving up her unique personality and talents to become a slave. Women will find true happiness and love and freedom in a happy marriage. And happy marriages, or better yet, great, magnificent, Godly marriages are great to the degree the woman does her job of attending to her husband. Mrs. Moon is the champion at attending her husband. Mrs. Norman Vincent Peale wrote a good advice book for women called The Adventure of Being a Wife. One point she makes to women is for them to study their man and then act on it. She writes: "Studying your mate should include a willingness to participate, at least occasionally, in activities that interest him more than they interest you. Some domestically-oriented women never learn to do this. Their husbands may be ardent golfers, or gardeners, or bowlers, or bridge players, but the women they have married make no effort to join them in the areas where they are happiest and where in most cases they would welcome the companionship of a wife."


She gives an example of woman she knew who was smart enough to force herself to go with her husband and learn some of what he does. She writes: "I knew a woman once, married to a fanatical trout fisherman, who made herself go fishing with him even though she didn’t know a dry fly from a luna moth. At first she was horribly bored, baffled by the intricacies of the sport, sure that she could never acquire even the most rudimentary skill. But gradually her attitude changed. Her husband’s enthusiasm was contagious, his delight in teaching her was endearing. In the end, although she never became an expert, she was able to participate with an enthusiasm and enjoyment that at first she would have thought impossible. And it all came about because, studying her husband, trying to make him happy, she enlarged her horizons."


I have seen many pictures of Mrs. Moon fishing on a bank with her husband standing nearby fishing also. There are countless pictures of her holding her fish and the both of them beaming. I saw a picture of them once dressed up as hunters, carrying their shotguns and each holding a pheasant that each had shot. She goes with him and does as he does.


A wife should spend some time studying and doing what her husband likes even though it does not interest her. This is how she grows. If her husband goes to the library, then she should go with him. But she shouldn’t just go physically. He heads for the sports section or political books or whatever and she heads for books that deal with her hobbies and interests. She should get genuinely into what he is into. If he goes to car races, hunts, repairs cars, reads murder mysteries or whatever then she should do that sometimes. He has to make his customers happy and many times they do not see things the way he does. In a capitalist society that is a good thing. People are different. And God wants men to serve their customers. The woman should do as her husband has to do and serve her man even though she thinks it is boring or stupid. Ronald Reagan’s first wife divorced him because he was so political and she went crazy listening to him. Nancy did not feel this way and ended up being First Lady. How many men have not reached their potential because their wives didn’t spend time with their man’s interests?


Mrs. Moon knows her husband so well that she puts exactly what he needs for the day out for him to take the next morning. Do you know one wife on this planet that sets the things a man needs for the next day out for him to take in the morning? I have never met one. Women wake up in the morning and think about what interests them. They hold men in such contempt that it would never occur to them that their man comes first, not themselves, their children or some personal mission. God wants women to serve and nourish men so they can go out and build an ideal world for her to live in.


Ruth Peale's core teaching is that a woman should make her man number one in her life. This means more than thinking nice romantic thoughts about him sometimes and giving him a Hallmark card on his birthday. It means she has to work, to sweat, to get out of herself. She has to study the man. Who is disciplined enough today to study anything? And how politically incorrect can you get to say to a woman she is to major in her husband. People think today how sad and pathetic that would be. But if women did this there would be no separations and divorce.


She writes: "If I could give one piece of advice to young brides, and only one, it would be this: study your man. Study him as if he were some rare and strange and fascinating animal, which he is. Study him constantly, because he will be constantly changing. Study his likes and dislikes, his strengths and weaknesses, his moods and mannerisms. Just loving a man is fine, but it's not enough. To live with one successfully you have to know him, and to know him you have to study him.


"Look around you and decide how many of the best marriages you know are ones where a wife in a deep sense actually knows her husband better than he knows himself. Knows what pleases him. Knows what upsets him. Knows what makes him laugh or makes him angry. Knows when he needs encouragement. Knows, in other words, exactly what makes him tick."


"On the other hand, the divorce courts are full of women who didn't study their man, who didn't try to anticipate and meet their needs, who failed to observe warning signs while there was still time to do something about them." She then goes into detail telling a true story of a woman she knew who was devastated when her husband left her. Mrs. Peale said she was a stupid woman who didn't see it coming because she did not study her man. She also teaches that "Studying your man never stops."


At the beginning of her book she says that people have all kind of reasons why there is so much divorce. She says it is because of women: "Women aren't using their heads. In this whole area of human relations, women are smarter than men. They ought to be able to study their man, figure out what his needs are, what makes him tick. They ought to help him know where he wants to go. They ought to be able to anticipate trouble and head it off. They ought to be brainy enough and sexy enough to hold a husband. But a lot of them are not, mainly because they're too lazy or too spoiled, or too busy thinking about themselves and what they're getting or not getting out of their marriages."


I would like to add that in regard to her statement that women aren't sexy enough, she ends her book saying women don't even look different from men anymore. They wear pants.


There are so many more angles to write about on this topic of marital harmony. I've thrown out what I believe are many of the essential truths about patriarchy. If you have any more ideas on what I write I would like to hear them. But there is one thing though that I am not interested in. And that is the idea that I am too harsh with women. Men are wimps and women are out of order. Both must get smart. I am only emphasizing an aspect of the battle of the sexes that everyone is blind to and that is that women initiate disunity. I hope that women will have the humility to overcome a knee-jerk reaction to what I write as mean spirited and dismiss me as someone who has control issues and psychoanalyzes me as a guy who hasn't resolved his problem with his mother or father or whatever. I am not perfect or all knowing. But I am confident in how I interpret Father's words and life. I believe he would agree with me and reject those who disagree with me.


Women feel they do not have to apologize because men are bad and women are good. People now believe that men are the cause of all problems. Women are victims, men are aggressors. It is true that only men rape. Most burglars are men. Most of the Mafia is men. Most of the dictators in history were men. Most of the violent criminals in jail are men. Even though women kill and torture more children than men do, people think of men as the greatest killer of children. Incest is mostly father/daughter – not mother/son.


People don’t think that most men are good, even though the vast majority of men do not point guns at bank tellers, have incest and murder their wife. Most men are decent. They are not O.J. Simpson.


Was there any outrage by America when Loreena Bobbit cut off her husband’s penis? The whole thing was a joke to America. People laughed about it. What if he had cut her genitals? Would there have been any jokes?


Women never have to say they are sorry. They never have to apologize because no matter what they do, they are only responding as an underdog in a lopsided fight against a hairy monster.


It is true that men are supposed to take responsibility for what happens in his family. Any leader has great influence on whether his organization succeeds or fails. Most coaches who have a bad season are fired. The team is not fired. If a company loses money, the president is fired – not the employees. If a general loses a war, he is fired – not the soldiers. Does this mean that when a family is dysfunctional and looks like a loser family, do we fire the man? Women by the millions file for divorce every year and the courts give the children to the woman. Women file for divorce twice as much as men do. She then gets a job and begins looking for a new man for her family. Is she looking for a leader? Or is she looking for a man who will follow her?


I believe women, as well as men, do not believe in patriarchy. They believe in equal leadership. Patriarchy means there is one "head." Feminism says there are two heads. A two-headed family, as well as any two-headed organization, is as unnatural as a two-headed snake.


The truth is that feminism started out with the idiotic notion that power could be "equal" between two leaders. This slippery slope of demonic logic led quickly to the idea that women are superior to men and they should be the leaders and men should follow. Everyone now believes that women are more moral, more religious, and more capable of leading every part of society. Subconsciously, or more accurately, good spirit world fights the evil spirit world that sadly dominates the world. God’s voice of reason and spiritual law is overwhelmed by Satan’s lies. The good guys have been losing battle after battle but the day is coming when they will win the final war of the sexes. The glorious day of truth triumphing over evil will happen eventually. The last 2000 years have been a nightmare that just kept getting worse. The next millennium will see truth rise and overcome evil.


True Parents fulfilled their mission of creating the first orderly marriage in this chaotic world. We don’t have just an ideology of what a true marriage is. We have videos showing it. We have Father’s totally politically incorrect teachings that he and Mother live. She follows him one hundred percent. He is the eternal epitome of strong male leadership and she is the eternal epitome of strong female followership. He says men are bones and women are flesh. Watch videos of this couple and tell me if you ever see them interchange their roles. You can’t. Father is the definition of bone and mother is the very definition of flesh. They are absolutely practice what they preach. The preach the Divine Principle that says men are subject and women are object. Who today, at the turn of the millennium, believes that women are objects? Only a tiny percent of Christians in America believe that women are to give "reverence" to men as the Bible teaches. The Southern Baptists broke away from the mainstream Baptists because they say that men are the head of the house and women are to "submit." President Clinton is a member of the Southern Baptists, and he has publicly laughed at this statement. Satan laughs at God’s laws.


Mankind has paid a terrible price for spitting on God’s laws. Look at the pathetic and tragic marriage of President Clinton. Is the president of the Southern Baptists having oral sex in his office with a young volunteer? No. Why? Because he is happily married. He has a Biblical wife. She is happy in her role. There is order in her home. There is chaos in the White House. Sadly polls show that the vast majority could care less. The president of the Southern Baptists is in the minority calling for Clinton’s resignation. All politicians now believe politics is a career. Satan teaches that. So they are not righteous, but weak leaders who follow a weak majority.


Someday the majority of Americans will become truly god-centered and righteous. They will give up Marx, Engels, Stanton and Steinem. For now, we have to endure through the darkness of this depraved world that believes deeply in socialism and feminism. Milton Friedman and Helen Andelin are at the least seen as too extreme and generally seen as irrational. To many people, they are even seen as dangerous. This means that the fierce battle of the sexes will continue for some time.


The state of the family is poor. We have reached the bottom of the barrel. There is only darkness and slime at the bottom of this culture. Satan loves it. The fall was Eve dominating Adam. And now women completely dominate men. America’s homes are a matriarchy.


Sadly America has swallowed the feminist ideology hook, line and sinker. Tocqueville said that if America became feminist men would become weak and women would become disorderly. Look at the Clintons. A weak man getting oral sex in the oval office and a disorderly woman crushing her opponents as she travels alone from city to city. In the 1998 elections she beat the Republicans by standing on stages at rallies for Democrat candidates. There are pictures of her holding their hands. How different True Mother is. Father sends her out to give speeches rarely. And when he does, he never lets a man stand next to her on the stage. If there is a male translator, he stands away from her.


Women rule the homes in America. Feminists will tell you that women have a long way to go before there is total victory which means 50% of all jobs from carpenters to police officers are women. But that is not their subconscious goal.


Behind the scenes Satan is whispering in everyone’s ear that men are jerks and women are saints. There is a book that has just come out and is in the bookstores as I write called Men are Jerks: until proven otherwise. Women, therefore, should be in all leadership positions –especially the home according to Satan’s plan. Although most CEOs of big companies are men, most small businesses are now owned by women. Although most leaders appear to be men, the core leadership is wives over husbands. Men walk on egg shells now in their home and even in the workplace. All men are emasculated in America. They have been castrated for the entire 20th century. The final death blow to masculinity came the year the true man was born, in 1920. Women got the vote that year and men gave it to them. They cut their own nuts off. The roles of men and women are now totally reversed from the 19th century. If we look at a family as a team, the women are now the head coach and they have fired millions of assistant coaches. And guess who got the team? The women got the children and raised them to hate men.


We need a massive re-education movement. Women are now shrews who need to be tamed. Father is the pioneer Petrucio who in Shakespeare play dominated his Kate – True Mother. He raised her up. Men must follow Father’s path and raise their women.


Dear Reader, you probably think I’m a "sick" person. But I ask you to pray about what I write and take a good look around you. Women are getting more obese every day. They are invading men’s traditional roles more every day. The family gets worse every day. Do you have a better plan than mine? Do you feel we need more feminism? Do we really need to have a woman president? Will that make us safe from evil dictators? It’s either black or white. There can be only one final decision maker in any organization. Almost everyone is in a family organization. Women want to be that leader. Men must stop them. Women are irrational and crazy. They must be spanked. They need a time out. They need to be grounded in the kitchen. They need to be disciplined. That is the role of a man. Men must also discipline those few evil criminals. Men are failing to do either. They are timid and give in to the demands of women and criminals. Men must become strong and bring order to their home and community.


Rebellious people must be punished. Women must be punished by men by kicking them out of the house and men taking care of the children until the woman gets humility. She can come back when she understands that she is the cause of the problem. She cannot come home until she sincerely apologizes. But saying she’s sorry is still not enough. She must change and start disciplining her mouth. Physically she must eat good fats instead of bad. Spiritually she must do as the Bible and Father teach. She must obey with reverence – even if the man is wrong. Even if a man leaves True Parents. The wife must follow and say nothing. She must serve him a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner even if he criticizes True Parents while she is serving him. And she should never argue with him. To truly follow True Parents, a woman must follow her husband first. A true woman wears a dress instead of pants. She does not wear the pants in the family either. She is quiet and teaches young women to follow their husbands – even if he changes from a Christian to a Muslim and leaves Chicago to live in Tehran.


Is this asking for the impossible? The Bible says that all things are possible with God. Women have got to stop spitting on the Bible. Living a Biblical life may seem difficult and nonconformist but try living a nonBiblical and see how difficult that is. If a man changes his mind – the wife must adapt. She is made by God to adapt to her man. Satan makes people twist the Bible quotes on submission to focus on men being good leaders. But the focus of women should be on those quotes that say she must obey even if he is ungodly. It is not the role of a godly woman to criticize, argue or nag her husband. She has no more right to mope around depressed because her husband has joined the Mormon church or whatever than a seaman has the right to mope around a submarine because he is unhappy with his cramped living quarters and long hours without sunshine.


Women are responsible to create a peaceful and high spiritual atmosphere in whatever home a man provides. Mamie Eisenhower lived in 25 homes. The only permanent home she ever had was when they retired in their old age in Gettysburg, Pa. She followed her husband all over the world. Some of her homes were nice, some were terrible. Once she lived in a dump in Panama with no air conditioning. She was always cheerful and made her home a refuge for her husband to come home to. He won WWII. There is a deep spiritual connection between husband and wife. Wives affect their husbands. Eisenhower would have been even greater if Mamie had been greater. Women have a powerful influence on men and therefore on human history.


Today that influence is mainly evil. Men are mainly wimps castrated by women. And it gets worse every day as more and more women take leadership over men. I am fighting an uphill battle. Any man that tries to stand up to a woman will be crushed by other possessed weak men who will side with his wife. Even so, men must stand up and demand obedience.


There are a million different things women can argue with men about. I can’t list them all. Women are filing for divorce and have many reasons. If she is filing because he has done something major like adultery, she will never she has caused it by her incessant lack of respect for him. Ronald Reagan’s first wife divorced him simply because she was bored with his talk of politics. She is the epitome of the disorderly woman.


To help bring this discussion to a more practical level and away from just theory, let’s pick an example of how a husband and wife fight. The son of a couple graduates early form high school because he is very bright. The wife is really into degrees and college. The husband is not. She pushes for her son to go to college right away. The father of the boy says yes but really doesn’t think his son is ready and needs to do some other things first. She tells the whole world how proud she is of her son who is now going to go to college in a few months. The husband changes his mind. The wife goes ballistic and accuses him of driving her nuts because he changed his mind and she is upset because she just knows his decision is wrong. He stands his ground. Then she mopes around the house and upsets the family with her depressed and angry attitude. Then after some time she starts nagging her husband to reconsider. She is all wrapped up in her emotions and thoughts. There are countless examples like this. Women get upset at any direction a husband gives. He can’t tell her how to dress, who to see, what to cook, where they live or how to raise their kids. No American woman sees her husband in a vertical way.


I hope men can start the process of getting some backbone and stop being meek timid creatures around women. I hope women can start becoming more interested in their husband than their own ideas and their children. In other words I hope men and women can become like Rev. and Mrs. Moon.