Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich is another superstar of the 1930s who brought her feminism to America from Germany. Like Hepburn she made pants fashionable for women. Also like Hepburn, Dietrich married young and left her husband for her career. She also became bi-sexual and had many affairs with her leading men. She has been a tremendous negative influence on American culture.

Men must become good patriarchs and women must not look to disorderly women such as Dietrich as role models.

1.  Patriarchy Pledge

By divine design, men are to lead women. I believe in the traditional, Biblical roles of men and women that are the opposite of communism's belief in androgynous, unisex interchanging of men and women. Father teaches that subject and object should not act like each other. Knowing this I will fight such perversions as homosexuality by hating the sin and loving and praying for the sinner. Satan has ruled with a vengeance, turning everything upside down, making men weak and women disorderly. I pledge to teach the value of men being the final decision makers in the home and in society.

I believe a man should not be afraid to make final decisions.  He is to work hard to accomplish the goals he has set for his family -- the most important being that they are absolutely united on God's values and virtues.  I believe Aubrey Andelin's book Man of Steel and Velvet has many good points.  But True Father is beyond the Andelins. He is the ultimate role model --  the standard all men must strive for.  He is velvet, but he is first a man of guts and righteousness.  I believe and will teach others that a man is to be a strong leader for God by fulfilling true masculinity as seen in Sun Myung Moon.

Every woman is to be an obedient, subservient wife -- to be emotionally disciplined, live peacefully and follow with a good and respectful attitude like True Mother does. She will reverence her husband and not question his final decisions, even though she may feel God has told her he is wrong. I understand that others have to correct him -- not the wife. Women must create an organized house that has a peaceful atmosphere where each person is in harmony with each other.

Children should have filial piety.  They should honor parents who strive to live by the values taught in the Divine Principle .  Principled parents strive to have large familes and give quality love to each one because they want their children to become champions of God who are in harmony with their brothers and sisters and fearless in the face of Satanic opposition.

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