Psychic rape of men

Freedman calls this feminism's psychic rape of men. He, of course, would be labeled a reactionary extremist. The truth is too "extreme" for this culture. What is normal is abnormal. He writes, "feminists have been able to indulge in some other interesting gang bangs on men by 'breaking down the sexual barriers' in areas where it hurts most: in the macho professions of police work, firefighting, etc. "

Castration of entire male population

"By demonstrating (falsely, as we'll be seeing) that women can do anything men can do, those characteristics that have always been thought of as uniquely male are wiped away, and men are seen as totally dispensable if not useless. Deprived of his male role, the man tends to think of himself as worthless and violated -- just as does the female victim of rape." Midge Decter in Liberated Woman and Other Americans wrote, "American society is about to be confronted by nothing less than the eventual castration of its entire male population."

The message is clear. Men are not needed by women. Recently we checked out two movies from the 1950s. In one, Operation Petticoat, Cary Grant is the commander of a submarine in WWII and has to transport several women to safety. As they board the ship, one tough looking big sailor remarks, "Men, if you've forgotten what we're fighting for -- take a good look." Today a woman might be his commanding officer. The other movie was a western starring John Wayne who played a soldier in the Old West out protecting women from wild Indians. I remember when I was a boy and saw those movies at the theater. I felt good to be a boy and have the role model of John Wayne and others who were men who inspired me to grow up and protect women. Forty years later I feel emasculated as all men do (mostly unconsciously) when I see a woman cop with a gun. Consciously men may approve of this madness, but unconsciously they rebel by becoming weaker and more violent and irresponsible every year as women protect and lead men.

Dangerous jobs

Men have often protected women by working the most dangerous occupations. In Manhood Redux Freedman gives some good examples. I don 't have the space to quote all of them. I 'll let you read his description of the terror the men went through to build the Brooklyn Bridge, many who even gave their lives in such horrible conditions as described in David McCullough 's The Great Bridge. Freedman writes, "each day, countless thousands of men leave their homes to perform some of the rottenest and most hazardous work imaginable. " An example, he writes, is "the kind of work the late Richie Wiese, 33, and Earl Bessette Jr., did: cleaning the cesspools that are so vital to our civilized existence. "

"The men had almost finished cleaning the cesspool behind a Howard Johnson 's restaurant in fashionable Roslyn Heights, L.I. when Wiese, who had been lowered into the pit in a harness, suddenly collapsed in the waist-deep sludge at the bottom; Bessette and another worker then went in after him. Wiese and Bessette suffered a death in that 32 feet of excrement at the bottom that could only be described as a fulfillment of a foul, diabolical curse. "

"Nevertheless to say, all the media that covered the event had their full complement of female anchors, reporters, production people etc. working that story. Howard Johnson 's, also, has long been cognizant of the need to integrate its executive suites; indeed it was one Nancy Fisher who served as spokesperson for the tragedy. And as for the women who were just coming in for lunch at the restaurant when the accident occurred, they, too, worked for Long Island companies that were keenly attuned to the need to have a healthy number of women in fast-track jobs. "

"But no women descended into that cesspool on that August 1984 day to pull out the three men submerged in the sludge. Ambulance driver John Eaton was part of the all-male contingent that had to go in; a newspaper picture showed his white uniform covered with feces. He described the experience: 'It was dark, the smell was unbearable ... We groped around for the men. We heard there were three down there. I reached under the sludge and felt a head and pulled the person by the hair. ' " He then said his air went out and he yelled to be pulled out. The other two men died.

Freedman writes, "No beer commercials are made about cesspool cleaners, no folk songs will be composed about Richie Wiese and the guys who went in after him, who were every bit as heroic as any of those who receive Presidential citations. That 's because these guys performed what is called (in quite literal sense in their case) s--t work. It is work, though, that is at least as essential to the continued healthy existence of Long Islanders as is, say, the maintenance of its utilities. There are myriads of Richie Wieses and Earl Bessettes spread throughout this land doing almost unmentionable tasks that we couldn 't do without. Theirs is a virtually exclusively male fraternity."

Feminists, he says, are not interested in equally spreading "this burden " between the sexes. "Feminists are demanding 51 percent representations in such areas of our society as politics, law, medicine and business administration. But regardless of how close they come to attaining that, virtually 100 percent of the cattle butchering, grave digging, sewer cleaning, and garbage collecting that is so critical to that society will continue to be done by males. So will almost every other backbreaking, marrow-freezing, stomachturning job. And, of course, while feminists shoot for 51 percent of the cushy jobs in the Pentagon, 100 percent of the legs, arms, brains, genitals and eyes that get blown away in combat will belong to males. " Freedman wrote this in the 80s and within a decade women have pushed for combat and some were raped and killed in the Gulf War. One feminist wrote a common theme in feminist thought that homemakers are bored and just sit home and eat chocolate instead of having exciting jobs. They lead a "dreary life " of "dishwasher, laundress, cook, maid, delivery girl ... a position of true royalty: Queen of the couch. " She blasts the occupation of housewife because they do not see it as a profession. This feminist thinks women should fulfill themselves by having jobs and here are the ones she names: "doctors, artists, muscians, scientists, engineers and academics. " Most jobs are not like these, and I would argue that the homemaker has the most exciting job of all.

Freedman gives a few examples of the absurdity of women trying to do men 's traditional labor. "If I 'm lifting something that 's too heavy, [the foreman will] give me help, ' admitted Kathy Richter, who, under government pressure was given a 'traditionally male ' job at Chevrolet Gear and Axle in Detroit. And that foreman 'won 't give me a job that 's too hard, ' she added. 'He does it because I 'm a woman, I know that. ' "

"Anna Johnson worked a jackhammer on a ditch-digging crew in Palm Beach, Fla. -- along with her friends, Liz, Cathy, Vicki and Elsie, who also had to be hired, or else. 'Sometimes the jackhammer gets stuck, ' said Anna. 'You see, there 's asphalt down underneath -- and I have to get Phil [the foreman] to remove it. ' Phil, of course, is happy to oblige. What else is he going to be in a society where to oppose such egregious injustice is to risk one 's own job? "

"A New York Times report on female coal miners noted that men wound up lifting 'the heavy rocks, timbers and equipment when the women find they don 't have the muscle power. ' A Time report on the same subject related that male miners were resentful 'because, among other things, the women are exempt from shoveling and other heavy jobs. ' And, pray tell, why the devil shouldn 't they be bitter? "

"Robin Ross decided she wanted to be a carpenter. But her second union assignment in New York City took her to a subway tunnel construction site where the work called for standing in ankle-deep water in nearly airless conditions. She got 'fed up ' and left after one day. You see, she had another of those 'choices ' that men don 't have; she simply went to a more desirable, outside construction site and joined a group of picketing women banging on pots with hammers, demanding jobs and hollering sex discrimination. 'I got into this to get outside and breathe the air, ' she commented -- as the men in that subway tunnel, presumably equally fond of fresh air, continued to pay their dues. "

Here 's one more example of the insanity feminists inflict on the workplace: "Certainly employers, under government compulsion, have done everything but lasso women and force them into blue-collar jobs that many men would give their eye teeth for. AT&T, for instance, was pressured into recruiting 2,000 female phone-installers and line workers; within a week, half had taken off. Six months later, after having gone through expensive training (which was reflected in guess whose phone bills?), half of those were gone. By the end of the first year, said James Sheridan, who, doubtless very much against his will was put in charge of the campaign, 'we couldn 't find anybody we had started with. ' "

"Injury rates for women in this insane program were three times higher than for men; the women had a genuine fear of climbing the poles. Moreover they couldn 't even handle the 12-foot extension ladders that weighed but 60 to 75 pounds. "

"When it was discovered that male and female legs differ in the manner in which they are attached to the hip, making it inherently more difficult -- and dangerous -- for women to climb poles, a $15,000 study was commissioned to see if AT&T could at least partially offset God 's work. Portable steps for climbing the poles were devised; but neither the men nor the women wanted to use them. Tens of thousands more were poured in; at no time, apparently, was anyone prepared to admit that climbing poles might simply be a man 's type of job. "

Sexual Suicide

George Gilder in Sexual Suicide (revised later to Men and Marriage) explains that as women become aggressive, men leave the home and turn to destructive behavior which we see increasing as women become more aggressive. He writes, "As a general rule of anthropology, the likelihood of his presence in the home decreases in direct proportion to the aggressiveness of the woman. Instead, he will conduct male rituals, drink, commit crimes, hunt, seek power, take drugs, pursue women on male terms. Unless he is performing a masculine service for the marriage commensurate in some way with the bearing of a child, the marriage will cramp his manhood. He will feel unworthy of the woman and thus unable to love her. The relationship will fail."

Men and Marriage

In Men and Marriage he writes, "The imperious power and meaning of male sexuality remains a paramount fact of life and the chief challenge to civilized society. Failing to come to terms with masculinity, a society risks tearing its very ligaments, the marriage and family ties that bind men to the social order. For it is only their masculinity, their sexual nature, that draws men into marriages and family responsibilities. When our social institutions deny or disrespect the basic terms of male nature, masculinity makes men enemies of family and society." Gilder says in Sexual Suicide, "The women 's movement is striking at the Achilles ' heel of civilized society: the role of the male. "

Because women have left the home by droves in the 20th century and only a tiny percent of American households are the traditional structure of man as sole breadwinner, and woman as homemaker, men have been emasculated psychically and are now wimps. Alexander Solzhenitsyn saw this when he came to America. At his famous speech at Harvard he spoke like a prophet in the Bible saying, "A decline in courage may be the most striking feature which an outside observer notices in the West today .... This decline in courage shows a lack of manhood .... Must one point out that from ancient times a decline in courage has been considered the beginning of the end?"

Carlton Freedman quotes Gilder on the insanity of women in combat. Gilder wrote that the "hard evidence is overwhelming that men are more aggressive, competitive, risk-taking, indeed more combative, than women." He referred to "an ancient tradition against the use of women in combat that embodies the deepest wisdom of the human race." G.K. Chesterton says it is an "imbecile habit" to dismiss the wisdom of the past: "An imbecile habit has arisen in modern controversy of saying that such and such a creed can be held in one age but cannot be held in another. Some dogma, we are told, was credible in the twelfth century, but is not credible in the twentieth. You might as well say that a certain philosophy can be believed on Mondays, but cannot be believed on Tuesdays. You might as well say of a view of the cosmos that it was suitable to half-past three, but not suitable for half-past four. What a man can believe depends upon his philosophy, not upon the clock or the century."

No one would advocate totally returning for the "good old days" or romanticizing the past. But we must not reject what others learned and call those who try to remind us of these truths fundamental freaks or right-wing nuts who are nostalgic for a past that was basically uncivilized. In truth our culture is worse because we failed to keep those truths. The 19th century was not the Kingdom of Heaven and restoring it will not usher in the millennium. But it won't come if we reject the Victorian roles for men and women. Not everyone lived up to these Godly values in the past, but at least they agreed on those values as worthy goals for a happy society. And by doing so, they lived far happier lives than we do.

To provide for a family is also to protect it. In the next chapter we 'll show how important it is for men to be the sole provider. One of the reasons is that it protects women from everything from sexual abuse to injury. It is tragic that so many women have to provide for and therefore protect their family by working. The UC must stop encouraging women to make money. As an MFT team captain I dropped off sisters alone at midnight to walk long stretches of highways to "fundraise." Years later, I would watch my wife in her ninth month of pregnancy drive off night after night leaving her babies at home when there was an inch of ice and a foot of snow on the roads at 25 below zero to go bar hopping and return at three o 'clock in the morning reeking of smoke and having had men say all kinds of things to her for hours -- some of them even trailing her to her car. She went out alone for seven years until I came to my senses and stopped it. My wife hasn 't worked for since, and our life has dramatically improved since then.

One Saturday night my wife was driving between her bars. It was midnight and she was stopped at a stop light in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska. There was a car in front of her. A pickup truck behind her had brake failure and it crashed into her car. The car 's body was totaled, but mechanically driveable. After the police left she was able to drive the car to her next bar. The next morning her back was in pain and she started months of physical therapy. Of course, this did not stop her from her bar runs. The UC would say this is inspirational. She is a "strong sister. " The truth is just the opposite. I did not protect my wife. How many women have been hurt while they were working?

The Andelin 's write, "When a man is made aware of his inadequacy to provide for his family, his masculinity suffers. If he has a natural pride in his responsibility, he will be terribly humiliated to fail in this important obligation and may feel himself to be less of a man than he wants to be. "

"His feelings towards his wife may also suffer. An important principle to recognize is that masculine men have a protective feeling towards women -- an inborn desire to protect and shelter them. In fact, a man 's feeling of love and tenderness towards a woman is very closely tied to his desire to protect and shelter her. When she joins the working world, she proves she can make her way without him. This naturally diminishes his protective feelings."


Protect Pledge

I believe that men are to protect women and will work to restore men as protectors of their families and their nation.  I will teach the Godly roles of men protecting women and children. I will fight Satan who teaches the evil ideology of feminism that says women should compete with men, even going so far as women using the courts and legislature to force men to put them in the military, police and fire departments. Men must set up their households so that women can stay home with their children secure in the man's protection.  This will bring back chivalry and harmony in the home.

Signed ________________________________________________