The words of Sun Myung Moon

The person who speaks the most clearly about God's view of sex is Rev. Moon. Each of us need to counter the flood of words and images of impurity with words of truth.  The best words to read everyday to reprogram our mind and give us strength and remind us of our mission from God is that of Sun Myung Moon.  I would like to give just a few, a drop in the bucket, of his words to give you a little flavor of what and how he writes.

Rev. Moon often speaks of purity.  For example, in his book Blessing and Ideal Family he says, "Purity is more important than life." He says there has been an emphasis of women being pure in history, but not of men.  He said that should change and men should be pure also: "Until now, we have been emphasizing that women must keep their purity, but from now on, men should as well. Then, everything will be restored. No matter how evil and rough this world may be, you should not do things that deviate from the original way."

He says, "You should not ruin your purity during your adolescence, which is the precious time when you cleanse and indemnify the purity lost by Adam and Eve during their youth. You should preserve your purity, precious and clean, and you should have the mind and the determination that 'even if I have to live a thousand or ten thousand years alone, my love will absolutely never be misused.'"

"From now on, it is the age in which men too should keep their purity. Men should keep their purity and create a historical tradition of purity. The ceremony to eat Jesus' flesh and blood is done in order to set up a tradition of the pure flesh and blood of Jesus."


Rev. Moon is often poetic: "A man, when loving a woman centered on God, should stand in a position in which he can say he 'loved completely,' or that he 'loved with a love never changing from beginning to end.' Woman, on the other hand, should thoroughly protect herself in order to stand in that position. The blossom of the peony is formed from many layers of petals. A woman should hide herself deep inside, like that flower. Then, when spring comes, together with the harmony of heaven and earth, she should start a new life. We must all know this clearly."

Critical of America

Rev. Moon is critical of America for embracing free love.  It is the cause of so much pain and America is in danger.  Sometimes to love means to tell the truth even though it hurts. When he first came to America in the early 70s when America was getting sicker by the day as the sexual revolution grew, he said, "I shed tears standing on Fifth Avenue in New York City. New York is proud of having the Empire State Building and World Trade Center, but what are they going to do now? Accidents will happen when God leaves those places. God blessed this country for a reason. America was to do everything, even the construction of buildings, in the name of God, but America is going in the opposite direction and becoming spoiled.

"If you look around the streets during rush hour, you see young people gathering, becoming corrupted. Did God bless this country so that this would happen? There should be young people standing up to start a new movement for purity, determined to save the world, but there are none.

"If there were even a few young people gathering around one rock symbolizing an altar, praying with tears to save the future world, this would bring one point of happiness.

"You should know that God has now left New York City. There is a rumor now around the world that New York is a city of the devil. God did not bless this country hoping to create a city where murders are a common occurrence and women are raped in the middle of the day. The country has all the reasons to perish.

"Young people are corrupted. I am sure you know that drug problems among young people are now very serious. Families have broken down and racism will become a greater and greater problem from now on. Furthermore, there is an increasing possibility that the country will be threatened by communism and economic panic will occur. Why do these things happen? It is because God has departed."

In another speech he said, "Today, most people living in the democratic world don't think about their nation, society or history. As with animals, sex dominates their minds. Just like the animals, women desire men and men desire women. They are only looking for fun. One-night stands are now usual for them; they wake up in the morning and leave without having any breakfast or even greeting the other.  This is only one example of how serious the moral problem is in the United States. It is a sign of destruction.

"Therefore, we must teach people the heavenly ideal centered on the natural law of love.
Reverend Moon, whom most people call crazy, calls for people to form a new system of family ethics by teaching them to go the proper way."

Day of Hope

But he does not just crticize.  He gives hope.  In fact he called his first speaking tour in America "The Day of Hope" tour.  He said he came to America to heal it.  He said he was like a doctor who came with the medicine to cure a sick America.   Unfortunately America thought the medicine too distasteful and even dangerous.  The reality is that his message and his movement is of God and everyone should follow him.  He says, "I know that as of recently the fall of young people is increasing in Japan, also. This means that the autumn time is coming, when we have to harvest, on the worldwide level, the evil seed sown by the mistake in the Garden of Eden. When this time comes, there should appear people or movements calling for new, ideal relationships between men and women. The fact that a movement calling for ideal relationships has appeared is tremendously happy news for the whole world."

Hope is the Messiah 

Rev. Moon teaches that we are in the last days and need the messiah to save us all from Satan's lies:  "We are now in the Last Days, which resulted from Adam, Eve and the archangel's disobeying the Word of God in the Garden of Eden. Consequently, the time comes when people will not listen to anyone's words. Then, what will they do? The fall in the Garden of Eden amounted to the assertion of free sex. We see this in the young people of America today. Through this, the value of man and woman has fallen even lower than that of animals. Love has fallen to the same level as that of animals seeking physical satisfaction only.

"Satan wounds and scars people so much that they cannot return to God even when they try. However, because God is the God of love, He feels pity for humankind and by showing humankind the model of an ideal character, He tries to form a united world in the heavenly realm, creating an order of love for the family, nation and world. You should know that the Messiah is the one God has sent to fulfill this work."

Christian ministers are lost

The truth hurts. Christian ministers have no great vision for an ideal world to inspire people.  Many of them cannot even abstain from the simple vices of tobacco and alcohol.  The only hope is Rev. Moon and his movement who have a dream of an ideal world where everyone is saved from Satan. He says, "In the United States, the ministers have nothing to do. They drink and smoke, and they do not like the Reverend Moon. How can we use people who claim to be heavenly sons and daughters but are actually being used as the weapons of Satan? Therefore, we should straighten out this world. Reverend Moon is saying big things, but can he really do it? If we cannot answer, we cannot accomplish God's will at all. If I say 'Yes' then I must make myself like that, rebuilding the family, clan and tribe. And I must also build a new world, forming one brotherhood, one tribe and one nation."

Last Days

We are at the time in history when we can all become one family with one ideology.  Rev. Moon says it has reached the point of darkest before the dawn in which Satan has done all he can do.  He says, "Now is the time to harvest. The seeds sown by Satan are scattered all over the place. It has come to a limit. Therefore, we must unite everything. The Unification Church is this kind of movement."

Individual vs. group

He teaches that we must give up our selfish individualism and care for family and country more than ourselves. People are so out of it today that they put children in day care and seniors in nursing homes.  Rev. Moon is very critical of this: "This is a world of individualism. The family, parents, children, brothers, clans, tribes -- everything is divided. But the Unification Church is proclaiming one world transcending nation, tribe and family. We are proclaiming the opposite of Satan."

Plan is the Blessing

His plan for world salvation is pure men and women marrying other races and creating a one world family where there is only unification.  He says, "A long time ago, only people from the same tribe would marry. However, in our marriage, five different races have gathered from six large continents. Japanese people are marrying Koreans, something of which they never even dreamed. And black and white people are getting married. They are doing that of which they never even dreamed as though it were nothing. In this way, we are uniting everything. In the midst of the division and conflict of the satanic world, the Unification movement is bringing people into God's world. "

This is just a few out of the thousands of words of Rev. Moon.  Please study him and join this crusade for true love.


I pledge to be sexually pure. I believe that purtiy is the foundation of the ideal world. Sun Myung Moon is leading this world away from "free sex" to "absolute sex." I will do my best to help him on this crusade for traditional, biblical values.

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