Dr. Attwood & Dr. Spock

An interesting book on how to feed children is Dr. Attwood's Low-Fat Prescription for Kids. Dr. Benjamin Spock, this centuries most famous children's doctor, writes the Foreward. He says,"This book's message is that the only way to combat our country's shockingly high death rates for coronary heart disease, stroke, and cancer in adulthood is to adopt a low-fat diet beginning in childhood." He explains he eats a low-fat diet also.

Dr. Attwood says when he uses the word"diet" he doesn't mean short-term eating changes but a permanent life-style change. Children are being hurt by eating the Standard American Diet (SAD). He argues that habits formed in childhood make it difficult to stop in adulthood. After eating high fat food for generations in the 20th century, adults are dropping like flies from heart attacks. He says,"The fact is, 1.5 million adults will have heart attacks each year -- and 500,000 of them will die. ... The first place we should look for life-shortening behaviors is the eating habits of our children. Most people are surprised to learn just how many of our adult diseases are related to what we eat throughout our early and middle years. Of the ten leading causes of death in the United States only three are not related to what we eat or drink."

"Physicians, like myself, who practice preventive medicine believe that more than 95% of coronary-artery disease can be prevented by meaningful reductions in dietary fat if implemented early in life. This condition is based on the near absence of this disease in areas of the world where a very low-fat diet is consumed throughout life."

He says Asia has the best diet in the world. He says that coronary-heart disease is not only the risk from high-fat food but many cancers are also linked to food:"Among all the cancers, those of the prostrate and breast may be the most likely to stem from children's eating habits." He goes on to give scientific proof of this. He makes a convincing case. The Satans in this picture are the Beef Industry Council and the National Dairy Council. He says they are liars who deceive everyone with the false teachings that milk, cheese and red meat are healthful. I agree. This doctor is vegetarian. The UC is not, but we should cut down drastically on animal products. I advocate the total elimination of anything from a cow. Dr. Suzanne Oparil, the president of the American Heart Association says,"Forty million American children have abnormally high cholesterol levels." Attwood advocates a diet of 10-15% fat and a cholesterol level of less than 150 for adults and children. He doesn't believe children need more fat than adults.

Like all the books on low-fat diets he mentions the Framingham Study done by Dr. Castelli which studied heart disease in Framingham, Massachusetts for the past 45 years. He told Attwood,"We've never had a heart attack in Framingham in anyone with a cholesterol level under 150."

"This strong and unconditional statement is reassuring to those of us who have devoted our professional lives to teaching people that a low-fat, high-fiber diet consisting of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes (beans)-- a necessity for most individuals to reduce their cholesterol level to 150 or below -- is especially effective when initiated during childhood, before the fat habit is established."

He says,"During an interview by Dr. Neal Barnard, for his book The Power of Your Plate, Dr. Castelli said that this diet 'is consumed by three-quarters of the people who live on the earth who never have a heart attack. They live outside the big cities and their cholesterol levels are 150 or below.' Castelli said that in our own country vegetarian men outlive meat-eaters by about six years."

"Dr. Castelli added later in a McCall's interview,"Of the 5.3 billion people in the world, 4 billion virtually never have arteriosclerosis or colon cancer. These 4 billion people have one thing in common: They eat a low- or no-meat diet that's also very low in saturated fat, about 12 to 15 grams of total fat a day, as opposed to the 40 grams that are eaten daily in the United States."

He says that obesity is a modern phenomenon. It is a theme of this book that everything went completely to hell in the 20th century. This doctor says the same thing you will hear many times in this book. In the early part of the 20th century, around the time Father was born, Satan introduced every conceivable false ideology imaginable. One of his most successful was to have everyone center their diets on cows that destroy not only our bodies but our land and then to take the heart out of wheat and rice and make them white. Physically he took character out of wheat. The Bible talks of the chaff of wheat. Spiritually he took character out of 20th century life. All good social critics are advocating a return to many of the values of our ancestors. Please don't misunderstand me or them and think we are saying everything was perfect a century ago. There have been some advances in this century, and the UC has some fundamental truths to take people to the completion stage and then perfection, but there is so much truth already known and much of it has been thrown out in this century. He says,"It was not until the early twentieth century that the decrease in activity and the increase in fat consumption began to reach their unhealthy levels of today. Since 1900, the pattern of food consumption in the United States has changed drastically." And for the worse. Children, he says, get more of their calories from meat and dairy than other sources. Everything is upside down. Satan is attacking us and winning. He has no compassion for anyone, even children.

Atwood has an interesting illustration showing how fat America is. He says that Yankee Stadium was renovated 50 years after its construction in the 1920s and they had to put in fewer seats because they had to put in seats with bigger bottoms. Those seats look like today's children's seats."Classroom desks manufactured during the 1940s are hardly adequate for today's grade-school children." He teaches many good things in his book. I encourage you to read this book and others on nutrition. Father has told us to be superior than the outside world. We have to be superior to the Seventh-Day Adventists who are documented to be the healthiest group in America. Let's see the UC be number one instead. Let's lead this world in physical health as well as spiritual health. Let's be humble to these teachers and do things like Attwood teaches and not associate high-fat food with birthdays. He says"a 3-year-old American child has learned that cake and ice cream, not broccoli and carrots, are birthday-party foods. On the other hand, parents use fatty foods to 'bribe' children to eat their vegetables. This enhances the development of fat taste. Why, do you suppose, a 6-year-old American child savors the taste of a hamburger but a child in India is repulsed by it?"

Because we are so drugged out on high-fat food , eating low-fat food seems boring, and we feel we are not enjoying life. But real health brings more happiness than drugs. Zig Ziglar was fat and in his book he says he changed his diet and started jogging and then became trim and has kept that way since. He jokes by saying that the first day he ran he got as far as the neighbor's mailbox. Months later he was jogging and he realized how wonderful he felt being healthy. He needed less sleep, could think better and was emotionally calmer. To help teach his point he says would the owner of a million dollar race horse feed his horse junk food? Of course not. It would receive food that would give him the best health. He asks how much is your body is worth? He says would you put kerosene in the gas tank of your car? If you did it would not run well. We don't run well on bad food. Drugs are a phony high. Fallen man thinks as Mark Twain quipped, "The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don't want, drink what you don't like, and do what you'd rather not." We can change our taste by studying books on proper diet and low-fat cookbooks that are increasing everyday because the truth can't be stopped and more and more people are turning to low-fat diets. Dr. Jay Gordon has a video that focuses on kids eating low-fat. On one of his paperbacks he has the movie stars Danny DeVito and Michael J. Fox endorse the book saying they have their children on this diet. (By the way I hope you will endorse my book. Send me a letter praising it, and I may put your endorsement in future publications. If you don't like it , please write anyway. Enlighten me. I'm all ears!)

He explains in his book that what is considered moderation is really extreme. And people are wrong to think that to eat around 10 to 15 grams of fat a day is extreme. Satan has brainwashed everyone from diet to religion, from politics to architecture to his truth which is the way of death and suffering. Every chapter of this book will present an idea or ideas that seem"extreme." This is natural because they are from God. God doesn't rule this earth anymore than Jesus did or Sun Myung Moon does. In the battle for ideas Satan usually wins. He has won big time with food. He depletes the soil, poisons the crops, processes the food and focuses Americans on products from cows. What everyone considers normal and fun is really poison. The kingdom of heaven is a safe place. Satan creates a dangerous world.

Attwood's says,"I suggest that food containing excessive fat be taxed like cigarettes and alcohol. For example, any food with a per-serving fat content exceeding 4 grams would fall under the 'high-fat tax.' Admit it; it 's a good idea. Not all fat, just excess fat. I say this because health statistics clearly show that excessive dietary fat causes more deaths and costs more in health care than tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drugs combined." I will not admit this is a good idea. I am a libertarian and against using force to make people do right. It is so easy for this century to use force against people. Everyone seems addicted to force. Father is beaten by Japanese as a youth, tortured by Koreans as an adult and forced to go to jail in America because government which has a monopoly of force thinks he is hurting people. I think the dairy industry is hurting us. I think Playboy magazine hurts people. I think Christian ministers should give up the their superstitious beliefs that Jesus had no physical father, will come down on the clouds and take just them and their friends up to heaven while the rest of us spend eternity screaming in pain as we burn in hell. I think everyone should bow down and follow Sun Myung Moon. Because I'm right doesn't give me the right to force them at gunpoint to do or believe these things. Governments and deprogrammers think they have the right to force people to their senses. I don't. Later, in the chapter on power, I'll go into this more deeply.

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