A terrible disease that especially affect women is osteoporosis that means brittle bones. "Half of all women over 50 are going to develop an osteoporotic fracture in their lifetime." Even though America and affluent nations eat a lot of dairy they are not getting enough calcium for bone growth and for bone strength.  Anti-milk explain that milk and dairy products actually decrease the absorption of calcium and some plants are the best source.  Everyone should take calcium supplements so they don't wake up one morning and find that Satan has destroyed the foundation of their body.


Nutritionists are against dieting. It took time to put on the weight and it will take time to take it off. Dieting turns into yo-yo diets. The best thing to do is simply eat correctly, exercise, and be patient.



Vegetarians do not eat meat.  The sub category of vegetarians that do not any animal product is Vegan.  Vegans are a tiny minority, but they are often healthier than many other people.  In fact, studies show that vegetarians live longer than meat eaters.  I think it is simply because meat eaters eat so much saturated fat.  There are always exceptions to rules.  The eskimos live on high saturated fat from fish, but the omega 3 in fish counteracts the negative high fat and eskimos have little heart disease.  I believe God wants us to eat mainly plant food and if we eat meat is should be mainly fish.  Cows are destroying the earth as John Robbins teaches in his books and video.

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