Near death experiences


A pediatrician, Melvin Morse, studied many near death experiences of children. He did not believe in an after life when he began his studies. Now he believes. Critics of those who write of people who have had out of body experiences say that they are simply being fooled by chemicals in the brain, hallucinations from lack of oxygen or the effects of drugs given patients. Dr. Morse writes how he found in his research that this is not true. The only factor that caused these experiences were near death traumas. Those who had drugs or lack of oxygen (but were not near death) did not have these dramatic experiences. He has written several best sellers such as Closer to the Light and Transformed by the Light. Visit his website to read more at:




Our physical bodies grow by receiving proper nutriments of air, light, water and food. Likewise, we grow spiritually by receiving spiritual nutriments of truth and love. When our physical bodies do deeds of love then our spirit body receives vitality elements and grows. As our spirit grows, it gives spiritual elements to our physical body which is felt as spiritual joy or renewed energy.




God's plan is for each person to live his or her life on earth receiving love and truth from God and living a life of service. By the time each person physically died, he or she would enter spirit world having grown to moral perfection.

God has given every person five physical senses and five spiritual senses which makes a total of ten senses.

God created us with the ability while we are on earth to see, hear, taste, smell and touch not only this world but spirit world as well. Perfect people on earth would be the mediator between the two worlds. Their spiritual senses would function like that of a radio or television set. They could freely perceive the spirit world whenever they wanted just as a radio or television set can receive radio or television waves.

Because we have a spirit body when we are on earth, we could have a relationship with a person who has died and is living in the spirit world. A person on earth could shake hands with someone in the spirit world, and it would be just as real as shaking hands with anyone on earth. There would never be separation between people. For example, in God's ideal world let's say a married couple lived to old age and the husband died. He could still live with his wife on earth. He would stay with her and be just as real as when he had his physical body. They could still embrace--even sexually.

Life in the physical world in only a few years, but it is a very important few years. People can multiply and have children only on earth. People in spirit world cannot conceive children. If you would like to study more about spirit world, click here

There are three stages in our life: the nine months in the womb, our life on earth and our eternal life in the spirit world. The first stage, the embryonic stage is our first world where we live in a compact universe of liquid. In these nine months our lungs are prepared to breathe air, but we don't use the lungs until we leave the womb and enter life on earth. The second stage is the terrestrial stage. We breathe air and are to spend our time growing our love lungs to breathe in the spirit world which has no air. We breathe love there. The third stage is the spiritual stage in which we are spirit like God. It is the third and final stage. The first stage, in the womb, is a world of total darkness; the second stage, earth, is a world of half darkness and half light; the third stage, spirit world, is total light.


Embryonic stage

Terrestrial stage

Spriritual Stage





We prepare our love lungs by giving and receiving love in the family which is our school of love. The four loves in the family are:

Parental Love:

Parents --------------------------- Children

The love of parents for children

Conjugal Love:       

Husband -------------------------- Wife

The love between husband and wife.

Filial Love:

Children --------------------------- Parents

The love of children towards their parents.

Sibling Love:

Children --------------------------- Children

The love between brothers and sisters.

God's ideal is for every person to experience perfect love in a family and this would create an ideal world of love on earth and forever in heaven.

But this noblest of ideals, an ideal world, never happened. Instead human history has been the very opposite. Every human being experiences tragedy, suffering and pain in their life to one degree or another.

What happened that destroyed God's dream of a perfect loving world? In the Bible we read that His dream was shattered by the failure or the fall of Adam and Eve.

Countless people have asked if Adam and Eve are real people and how the world was created? The Bible has been interpreted in different ways to answer these questions. Because of these differing interpretations, Christianity has split into many denominations. The Divine Principle is not mankind's interpretation of the Bible. It is God's interpretation. It is the truth that can unite Christianity and ultimately free all mankind to be one loving family.

The Principle explains that when the Bible begins by saying the universe was created in six days, we should read these numbers symbolically. The universe was not created in six literal 24-hour days. Scientists are correct in determining that the earth is millions of years old. There is no conflict between God and science; God is the greatest scientist. The six days in Genesis are symbolic of six gradual periods of time. II Peter 3:8 says that, "...with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day." God always works through a growth period. The six days represent the six geological periods known as the Azoic, Archeozoic, Proterozoic, Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic eras.