Snake is symbolic

We read that a snake tempted Eve. This too is symbolic. Only a spiritual being can know God. The snake symbolized an angel. Angels exist. It is fashionable in our secular society to doubt the existence of angels. But the literature of mankind is so filled with references to angels that Mortimer J. Adler, Clifton Fadiman and other writers, philosophers and scholars who compiled the Great Books series had to include in their syntopican of great ideas, the idea of angels. They write, "The characteristic skepticism of our age has been directed against the belief in angels generally. It casts doubt by satire or denies by argument the existence of spirits both good and evil....Moralists have thought it possible to explain human depravity without recourse to the seductions of the devil." But when all arguments are considered it makes more sense to believe in a spirit world and angels.

God created angels before He created Adam and Eve. He created them to be His helpers. He made angels to be in a position of objects and admirers. At every stage of the creation angels gave God stimulation, praise, comfort and joy as God poured out all His energy in the process of creating the universe and His children.

Genesis 1:26 states, "Let us make man in our own image, after our likeness." God is speaking to the angels here. God had three archangels: Lucifer, Gabriel and Michael. Lucifer was the leader and assigned to directly be Adam and Eve's teacher. Artists have portrayed angels with wings, and throughout history we have thought angels to be greater than man. This interpretation comes from Psalm 8. The King James Version of the Bible says man is a little lower than the angels. This is not true, and the Revised Standard Version is correct in translating the Hebrew to mean God, not angels. Angels do not have wings, and they are not greater than mankind. The hierarchy is:

First Corinthians 6:3 says, "Do you not know that we are to judge the angels?" Another incorrect view held about angels is that they are sexless, neuter beings.

The angel closest to God was Lucifer. He knew that God was preparing this universe for His children. For millions of years Lucifer had been the center of love and now Adam and Eve were. Although God loved Lucifer as He always did, He obviously loved His children too. Lucifer was assigned to take care of Adam and Eve. By comparison, Lucifer felt he was loved less. This feeling would have disappeared when he would have received love from Adam and Eve when they reached perfection. Their love combined with God's would have been a complete love. To compensate, he turned to Adam and Eve. Since Lucifer was male, he was more attracted to Eve. Lucifer began to spend time alone with Eve. She was young and naive. Lucifer was older, a teacher, and she was excited as Lucifer told her of how God and the angels led by him created this world. Eve admired and trusted him.

As Eve grew she became more beautiful. Lucifer became confused and in his hurt for feeling less love from God, began to hate God. Lucifer's feelings are also written in the book of Islam, the Koran, in which he says, "Why should I serve them? They are but of dust while I'm of fire."

Lucifer was older and knew better but he seduced Eve. They had sexual intercourse. Eve, at first, rebuffed Lucifer's advances. She reminded him of God's warning but her resistance crumbled. She was confused by Lucifer's words. God had placed Lucifer, the "angel of light" to guide her. He was so wise and she was flattered by his attention. And then he changed and was telling her something that was opposite of God's direction. Lucifer was, in effect, a father figure. She was a young teenager, and she trusted him. She loved as any young girl loves and obeys her teacher. She submitted to Lucifer's order that she have sexual intercourse with him. This union brought about the spiritual fall of man. The initial sin, the original sin, that destroyed God's ideal was sex outside of marriage. The original sin was sex outside of God's order.

Eve felt great fear and confusion when she realized she had disobeyed God. She felt cut off from God. Knowing that Adam was eventually to be her husband she thought she could get to God by being with him. She immediately went to Adam and seduced him. She hoped that in sex with Adam she could get rid of her fear and confusion. This sexual union between Adam and Eve was the physical fall of mankind. The first union between Lucifer and Eve was the spiritual fall. Eve could have been restored through Adam if Adam had not fallen with Eve. If he had not fallen he could have restored Eve and connected her with God. After Adam's fall no one could intercede with God on their behalf, and they were completely cut off from God.

After the fall they covered their lower parts. We hide what is wrong. If we say something wrong, we cover our mouth. If there is a scar on our body, we cover it with makeup or clothing. Adam and Eve sinned with their lower parts and covered them. And we read in the Bible how arrogant Lucifer then became: "How you are fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of Dawn! You said in your heart, I will ascend to heaven; above the stars of God I will set my throne on high; ... I will make myself like the Most High!" (Isaiah 14:12).

Lucifer is then called Satan, meaning in ancient Hebrew "the adversary." He is compared in the Bible to a serpent because he is lowly and speaks with a forked tongue. A serpent's tongue is split in two. This symbolizes a being which utters two different things with one tongue--a being who leads a double life. He appears good but is evil--a liar and a deceiver. The serpent is also a sexual symbol.

And a serpent, like Satan, quietly strikes with surprise, speed and strength. Lucifer was cursed in Genesis to crawl upon his belly. This means he is cursed to be a miserable being not able to function properly and the curse that he had to "eat dust" means that he can not receive elements of life from God but is condemned to receive evil vitality elements from the sinful world.

Lucifer, now Satan, took many angels with him. We read, "And that great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the Devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world; he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him" (Rev. 12:9).

Adam and Eve were 16 years old when this tragedy took place. They were older children abused by their guardian. Every person in human history has been abused by Lucifer. We are all terrified, confused, hurt, angry, ashamed, bitter and resentful as Adam and Eve were. In one sense Adam and Eve have to take responsibility for not obeying God, but we should all be sympathetic to them as we should all be sympathetic to every person because we are all brothers and sisters being abused and driven to abuse others in one form or another by Satan. We all abuse others to different degrees. People over the age of 18 are not real adults in God's eyes. Fathers who commit incest are children also.

We have to judge and sometimes physically punish those according to laws and enforced through courts and police and the military. But we must be careful as we point our fingers at others, no matter how heinous a crime that person commits. It is easy to accuse others, but we all far short of God's standard. None of us has perfect mind/body unity. Some people have to be jailed, but we are all rebellious children who can be criticized. We must learn to judge more correctly. Instead of focusing on accusing our peers, parents, elders, and leaders for physically or psychologically hurting us, we should all see that the focus of judgement should be on an angel instead of people who have hurt us because they are hurt by Satan.

In one sense we all have to take responsibility for hurting others and not being everything we are supposed to be, but in another sense we are not responsible because we are all immature children up against terrible forces of darkness. Therefore we must all forgive those who hurt us because they are just human children dominated by an evil older and selfish nonhuman angel.

There is an element of rape and incest in the fall. Lucifer was not Eve's father, but he was a father figure, like an uncle or respected elder who is given custody of a minor. Eve was not an adult. In a real sense she and all of us are not responsible. Satan is. God wants us to fight Satan. But we can't do it alone. Later we will see how God sends us help to fight evil.

God's plan was for Adam and Eve to grow up with Lucifer's help. Then God would have blessed them in marriage. They would have had children and soon the whole world would have been filled with perfect people each talking to God directly and no angel's love, which is weaker and lesser than man's and God's love, could ever upset God's ideal.

How could Eve have a sexual relationship with the archangel Lucifer? We have five spiritual senses. Before the fall, Eve's spiritual senses were completely open. Lucifer was as real as Adam. The Bible even tells of instances where angels have relationships with men. Angels came to Abraham's house and ate a meal with him (Gen. 18:7). An angel wrestled with Jacob (Gen. 32:25). The Second Letter of Peter says, "God did not spare the angels when they sinned..." (II Peter 2:4). And we read in Jude 6 through 7 that angels acted immorally. Human beings have a physical body and a spirit body. Angels have only a spirit body.


When people first hear this lecture they often ask if a pet can go to spirit world and be with it's owner. Many people deeply love their pets. I have not read of any official statement about pets, but if we take the information we have learned from Rev. Moon about spirit world, we know that you can think of things and they appear. For example, if you think of a food in spirit world, it will appear. Therefore, if a person thought of a beloved pet they had, such as a dog or cat, it would appear also.