Another outgrowth of Communism was the feminist movement that aimed at destroying the traditional family. There were many voices against feminism, but they were progressively drowned out. Alexis de Tocqueville warned in his classic book Democracy in America in the 1830s that America would suffer if it adopted feminist ideology. Unfortunately it did, and now we have an epidemic of family breakdown because women have left the home to compete with men in the marketplace and tragically put children in day care and elders in nursing homes instead of caring for them at home. Elizabeth Cady Stanton wrote her evil document Seneca Falls Declaration in 1848, the same year Marx and Engels wrote the Communist Manifesto. There is absolutely nothing good in these books. Since these ungodly ideas have been introduced there has been a raging debate over the roles of men and women ever since. Today almost everything Stanton and Marx dreamed of in their writings has come true. Socialism and Feminism are now the reigning ideologies of the America.

It was exactly 72 years from 1848 to 1920 when socialism and feminism went from being seen as ridiculous and unthinkable to winning the cultural war of ideas. Rev. Moon proclaimed he and his wife to be the True Parents 72 years after 1920 in 1992. He teaches that feminism, like communism, could last for only 70 years until there would be a movement against them. And today we see the Soviet Union giving up communism, and many women giving up careers and going home to take care of their husbands, children and parents. For a more detailed explanation of this topic, read my book called The Ten Keys to Building the Ideal World.

God and Jesus are not pacifists

Satan has worked to make his champions use force to get what they want. God has worked to make his champions use persuasion in solving disputes. But God is for defense when attacked. America needs the Divine Principle to elevate it to be a better Abel. To win Cain, Abel must be outstanding. Even so, Cain has the responsibility to unite with Abel even though Abel is not perfect. In those cases where Cain nations or individuals attack the Abel side, then Abel must use force to fight back. This is the only role for government. Pacifism is not God's way. In wars such as the Civil War God was on the side of the North. In the wars of the twentieth century He has been on one side and Satan has been on the other. Satan has influenced the West to be weak sometimes such as when America failed to win the Korean War. The peace rallies against the Vietnam War were inspired by Satan who wants America weak. Although God wants his champions to fight when necessary He does not teach that war is what will ultimately restore the world. Education is God's ultimate way for bringing a unified world. And those in the Abel position must be the best teachers. They must teach better and reach more people against those who teach Satan's lies. The Messiah comes as the ultimate teacher.

Right vs. Left

The third period ends with the First World War and the beginning of Satan's champion nation, the Soviet Union, in 1917 by Lenin. It's ideology was Marxist-Leninism or Communism which is consistent with socialism, feminism, atheism, statism and secular liberalism.

America was God's champion. It led the Free World and championed the values of free enterprise, conservative traditional family values, belief in God and Christianity.

The seeds of Communism and the Free World were sown at the crucifixion of Jesus. The thief on the right accepted Jesus and foreshadowed the Free World which even politically is called"right. The thief on the left denied Jesus and foreshadowed Communism, called the"left. We read in the Bible: "When the son of man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, then he will sit on the throne of his glory. All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats, and he will put the sheep at his right hand and the goats at the left (Matt. 25:31-33).

The Free World says, "There is a God. We accept our shepherd. The Communist world says, "God does not exist. They deny their master. The free world is symbolized by sheep; the Communist world by goats. There are deep differences between the Free World and the Communist World. The most important battle between them is not physical, but mental. It is an ideological war.

Four hundred years after the reformer Malachi, Jesus, the Second Adam, was born. Likewise, approximately 400 years after Martin Luther, the Third Adam was born. Four hundred years after 1517 is 1917. God has worked to prepare the world for the new Messiah in the 20th century, and Satan has worked to destroy him.

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