Six periods of time

We saw the pattern of 6 stages of time in the history of the Jewish people. This pattern is symbolic and prophetic. When we look at Christian history, we will see a corresponding six stages.

These stages will not be symbolic but literal periods of time that will match within 2 or 3 percent the corresponding time period in Jewish history. The time periods in Jewish history prophesy the pattern God will use in preparing the Christian world for the coming of the Third Adam.

God created man on the sixth day. The number six is symbolic for man. Satan has claimed that number. Because it took six days to create the world or six periods of time, God has used six periods of time to restore man.

We learned earlier there are 3 stages in the growth period -- formation, growth, and completion. Each of these stages has 3 stages.

Man fell at the top of the growth stage in the Growth Period. This stage is the sixth stage or completion level of the growth stage, the second stage in the Growth Period. To restore man there will be therefore six stages of time to bring man back to the point of the fall. At this point we are reborn through the Messiah and grow to perfection by following the principle that the Messiah teaches us and he lives by.

Just as the Israelites had been persecuted for 400 years, Christians were persecuted by the Romans. Christians were considered a dangerous sect or cult. St. Paul himself was a persecutor before God struck him off his horse as he was traveling to a city to persecute Christians. He was converted to Christianity and witnessed to thousands.

For three hundred years Christianity grew in the Roman Empire. During that time they were sometimes persecuted. But God was behind this minority religion and it kept growing. Then God gained a major victory in 312 A.D. when God the emperor Constantine had a vision. While leading his army he saw a cross of light in the sky and an inscription:"By this sign, conquer. He won the battle at Milvian Bridge and was converted to Christianity. In 313 he issued the Edict of Milan, a decree of toleration toward the Christian sect.

In 392 Theodocius I made Christianity the state religion of the Roman Empire. If it required 400 years for Christianity to become the state religion, what if Jesus had been able to lead the early disciples to Rome. In his lifetime, the Roman Empire would have turned to God. Today there would be no religion called Christianity, because Jesus would have united the world into one family under God.

"I am coming soon"

Why did Jesus say to his disciples he would return soon by coming in a dramatic way on the clouds? There are two reasons. First, Jesus knew if he spoke clearly about another man coming as a Second Messiah there would be too much confusion caused by so many people saying they were the one.

The other reason was that Jesus wanted to keep the disciples faith at a high point. He knew that the disciples and all mankind would suffer because of the terrible mistake of the crucifixion. If he told the disciples clearly of the coming persecution, he was afraid they would lose their heart and zeal. Rev. 22:20 says,"Surely I am coming soon." And in Matthew 10:23 Jesus said, "...for truly, I say to you, you will not have gone through all the towns of Israel, before the Son of man comes." In Matthew 16:28, he said,"Truly, I say to you, there are some standing here who will not taste death before they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom." In these passages Jesus was saying that the Second Coming would take place very soon. Of course, Jesus did not return in their lifetime. Why did Jesus lead them to think he would?

Jesus wanted Christianity to survive the terrible persecution it had ahead of it. Because the disciples felt Jesus' return was imminent they were encouraged and remained dedicated and had the strength to build the early Christian Church.

Historians have discovered that Jesus was actually born in 4 B.C. 392 from 4 B.C. is 396 years which matches the 400 years of slavery in Egypt within 2 or 3 percent. Just as God sent a liberator, Moses, to the Israelites, God sent the liberator Theodocius to the Christians.

Persecution In
Roman Empire

Jesus 4 B.C. ______________________392 Theodocius


Jewish History                                     Christian History

400 Preparation 2nd Adam
210 Jewish Captivity
400 Divided Kingdoms
120 United Kingdom
400 Period Of Judges
400 Persecution In Egypt Persecution in Roman Empire


The second period of Jewish history was the 400-year period of Judges, a feudal period. Christianity also went through 400 years of a feudal era called the Dark Ages ruled by Patriarchs. The five most influential Patriarchs were the bishops of Rome, Constantinople, Antioch, Alexandria, and Jerusalem. The Bishop of Rome eventually became the leading patriarch and was called"Pope.

The period of Judges ended when Samuel anointed Saul King. The period of Patriarchs ended when Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne King on Christmas day, 800 A.D. 392 to 800 is 408 years. Again, Christian history matches Jewish history by 2 to 3 percent.

Period of

Theodocius 392 ______________________ 800 Charlemagne


Jewish History                                     Christian History
400 Preparation 2nd Adam
210 Jewish Captivity
400 Divided Kingdoms
120 United Kingdom
400 Period Of Judges Period of Patriarchs
400 Persecution In Egypt Persecution in Roman Empire

After the 400-year period of Judges came the period of the United Kingdom. Likewise, Charlemagne created a united Christian Kingdom.

Charlemagne's favorite book was Augustine's City of God and he felt he had a mission to unite Europe and create a model Christian empire. Under his charismatic leadership he encouraged the building of schools. It was like a renaissance but, unfortunately, the Kingdom was divided after three generations under the leadership of his son, and later his grandsons. The period of the United Christian Kingdom ended in 919 when Henry I was crowned. Eight hundred to 919 is 119 years. This compares with the 120 years of the Israelite United Kingdom.

  United Kingdom

800 Charlemagne  Sons  Grandsons  919


Jewish History                                     Christian History
400 Preparation 2nd Adam
210 Jewish Captivity
400 Divided Kingdoms
120 United Kingdom United Kingdom
400 Period Of Judges Period of Patriarchs
400 Persecution In Egypt Persecution in Roman Empire


At the end of the United Kingdom of Israel, the chosen people were split into two camps -- North Israel and South Judah. Likewise, the chosen people, the Christians, were divided into two camps, the East Franks which became Germany, and the West Franks, later to become France.

The dates in the Parallels of History are not arbitrary. They are precise. For example, if we study what historians say of the period around the year 919 we see that the Principle is true. For example, the book, History of Germany begins by saying,"In the year 911 the German tribes elected a Frankish duke to be their King. After his early death their choice fell upon the Saxon duke Henry, who was successful in compelling homage of the remaining tribes (in 919). These events revealed the will of the scattered German peoples to form one corporate whole; they laid the foundation of the German State, and may be regarded as the beginning of German History.

And as for the history of France we read in an encyclopedia,"The development of France as a nation was a long process, the first stage of which is the division of the Carolinian Empire. The Carolinian empire was the empire of Charlemagne's family.

Germany was the Abel side and France was the Cain side in this division. There was also division, called the great Schism, between the Pope of Rome and the patriarch of Constantinople. Today the division in Catholicism is between the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Church.

During this period the Roman Catholic Church grew in strength. The Pope was as powerful during the Middle Ages as many Kings. But the church became corrupt with its wealth and power. And just as God sent prophets to Israel and Judah to chastise and raise the people, God sent monastics such as St. Bernard, Thomas Aquinas, and St. Francis to bring reformation but many church leaders continued in corruption.

Because the Israelites refused to listen to the prophets, Israel was invaded. Likewise, because the Christian Church did not listen to God's messengers, the Holy Land was invaded. Crusades were formed to preserve them but each was unsuccessful.

The end of the Jewish Divided Kingdoms came when Judah was taken captive and exiled to Babylon. In Christian history, the divided empire ended in 1309 when the Pope was exiled to Avignon, France. The 390 years from 919 to 1309 correspond to the 400 years in Jewish history.

Divided Kingdoms
of East and West

919 _____________________ 1309


      Jewish History                     Christian History 
400 Preparation 2nd Adam
210 Jewish Captivity
400 Divided Kingdoms Divided Kingdoms
120 United Kingdom United Kingdom
400 Period Of Judges Period of Patriarchs
400 Persecution In Egypt Persecution in Roman Empire

The King of France moved the papal court from Rome to Avignon to keep close watch over the Pope. This period of exile lasted from 1309 to 1377. This period of nearly 70 years is called the "Babylonian Captivity of the Church." After 70 years of exile in Babylon, the Israelites were freed and went home. After 70 years papal exile, Christianity tried to rebuild itself. But there were troubles. At one time the church had three Popes. Order finally was established, but the church government fell into corruption again.

In Jewish history, after the Babylonian captivity and return, a reformer, Malachi appeared. After the papal captivity and return, the German, Martin Luther, another reformer appeared in 1517.

The Christian captivity and return lasted from 1309 to 1517, a total of 208 years. This matches the 210-year period of Jewish captivity and return.

Papal Captivity
and Return

1309 ___________________ 1517


Jewish History                                     Christian History
400 Preparation 2nd Adam
210 Jewish Captivity Papal Captivity
400 Divided Kingdoms Divided Kingdoms
120 United Kingdom United Kingdom
400 Period Of Judges Period of Patriarchs
400 Persecution In Egypt Persecution in Roman Empire

Four hundred years after Malachi came the period of the preparation for the Second Adam. Likewise, God spent 400 years after Martin Luther to prepare the world for the Third Adam.


When Adam and Eve fell, they became ignorant spiritually of God and ignorant of the workings of the physical world. Mankind is basically good and has throughout history been led by his basic good nature to overcome his ignorance. There is a gyroscope that is like a compass which constantly leads man to return to a close relationship with God by restoring his spiritual senses.

Likewise there is a deep urge to find the scientific laws that govern this universe to restore the third blessing of dominion over creation. We are to live in harmony with nature and also in luxury, free of disease, hunger and suffering that has been unleashed by Satan since the Fall.

We are going to look at the dramatic advance by mankind to overcome ignorance in the last 400 years. God is the main force behind this because he wants the world prepared spiritually and physically for the new Messiah. God wants him to be accepted and heard the world over. We must not repeat the mistake the Israelites and Romans made 2000 years ago.

Jesus was only able to tell a few parables and was not given the time to speak in depth:"I have said to you in figures, the hour is coming when I shall no longer speak to you in figures but tell you plainly of the father (John 16:25).

The third Adam will speak in clear language because God will have through education and in spirit raised mankind. God was devastated that the Israelites were not advanced enough to understand Jesus and were so low spiritually that they nailed him to a cross. God was not going to have this happen again. So the last 2000 years God has been working with Jesus and good spirit men and women to raise mankind to a higher level spiritually and intellectually.

Jesus said that day will come when the Messiah will give all the truth:"I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. When the spirit of truth comes. He will guide you into all truth (John 16:120). The Divine Principle is"all the truth that speaks"plainly of the Father.

Satan has also been hard at work these 400 years to thwart God's efforts. There has been such an advancement of knowledge, goodness, charity and spiritual values and yet at the same time there has been incredible brutality and suffering of so many millions and even billions of people, especially in the twentieth century. The 20th century is the final showdown in the battle between God and Satan.

The last 400 years can be divided into three periodsBeach roughly lasting 130 years. In each period we will look at the development of the satanic side which we will call the Cain side and we will follow the Abel or God's side.

To overcome mankind's ignorance of the external world man's original nature has driven him to the study of science. This is why we see the advent of the Renaissance.




The first period is divided into the Cain development of the Renaissance and the Abel development of the Reformation. The new burst of exploration and learning in the Renaissance had its roots in Hellenism. There was renewed interest in the ancient Greeks or Hellenic culture. The Greeks were not particularly religious, and men of the Renaissance, although they usually believed in God, were so preoccupied with their new discoveries and the world around them that they concentrated more on the pleasures of this world unlike the Medievals who went too far in concentrating on the future heaven. A major influence that also stirred more interest in the physical world was the effect of the many who went on the crusades. Many found in the Near East fabulous cities with exotic foods and dress that diminished the impact of the Church which said this world was a vale of tears and not to be enjoyed.

God supported the Renaissance. God wanted man to be the Lord of Creation and to enjoy this earth, but he wanted a balance of an understanding of the spirit too. God wanted man to be free of the chains of Satan. He created man with reason and a unique individuality. Unfortunately some people came to emphasize man's reason and individuality too much. They began to emphasize humanism over religion. This rise in humanism emphasizing the five physical senses and looked more to man's reason than to the value of visions, dreams, revelations and mysticism. These developments began to separate men from God. Satan was guiding this. Satan corrupted the legitimate use of material things in life. He promoted hedonism, greed and the view that man is the center of the universe and not dependent on God.

God was successful in the Renaissance by giving man a better view of his body and the world. He inspired naturalness in the art of Michelangelo and others. God desired that man restore his self-esteem which Satan took away.

Man became excited about the world around him. Copernicus and Leonardo da Vinci made great discoveries. Descartes invented analytic geometry. Galileo advanced astronomy. The telescope and microscope were invented. Columbus discovered America.

Another invention God inspired was the printing press. Satan's tactic is ignorance and the suppression of truth and knowledge. God wanted the world educated unlike the Israelites who killed Jesus. To help reach the world God helped Martin Luther translate the Bible into German. Dante wrote in Italian, Chaucer and Wycliffe in English rather than the Latin that only a few could read.

God was working, not only 400 years to prepare the world for the Messiah, but also He was preparing for the modern world 600 years. The Bible says God created man on the sixth day. God prepared an environment for six periods of time and then Adam was born. The number six is the number for man and in God's providence of re-creation He starts a preparation period of six centuries before the Messiah is born. Six centuries before Jesus, God sent intellectual and spiritual leaders to elevate people to a higher spiritual level so they could more easily accept the Messiah when he came. It is not a coincidence that around 600 B.C. Confucius and Buddha came. The Greek civilization emerged about the sixth century B.C. God influenced it to raise man's understanding of the world through the arts and sciences.

Likewise, six centuries before the Third Adam was to be born, God raised mankind and prepared an environment for him to be accepted by starting the Renaissance in Italy around the fourteenth century.


The Renaissance had its roots in ancient Greek Hellenic thought. This was basically a horizontal view of the world. The truer view is to see the world from a vertical viewpoint. The religious life is an Abel-view of life and the secular life is a Cain-view of life. The roots of Western civilizations's religion is the ancient Hebrew culture called Hebraism.

While Satan was active corrupting the Renaissance, God was working to bring a better religious way of life by turning from Catholicism and siding with the Protestant revolution -- a revival and improvement of Judeo-Christianity. The Messiah would come on the Protestant foundation.

Just as Malachi chastised the priesthood for its corruption, Martin Luther chastised the Roman Catholic church for its corruption. To raise money to build St. Peter's in Rome, Pope Leo X gave traveling monks the right to sell indulgences or letters of pardon for sins committed. Luther was angry at this and other things so he wrote his complaints. In 1517 he posted his 95 theses on the door of the Wittenburg Church. He was excommunicated. Luther said everyone should have a direct relationship with God and tore the excommunication papers up in public and burned them.

Other leaders in the Protestant Revolution were Hus, Wycliffe, Calvin, and Zwingli. The Protestant Reformation led to actual war that lasted over 100 years ending with the Thirty Years' War which ended in 1648 with the Treaty of Westphalia in which Protestantism won in northern Europe.





The next period is divided into the Cain development of the Enlightenment and the Abel development of spiritual awakening.

In this period God inspired such scientists as Isaac Newton, Ben Franklin and Lavoisier, the father of chemistry. God was preparing for the coming Industrial Revolution that would raise mankind out of drudgery, so we could pursue spiritual growth. Philosphers discovered the joy of reason and logic. God influenced some to advance learning. Satan worked to twist it to making people become agnostic and atheistic.

Spiritual Awakening

The Abel view of life, the Great Spiritual Awakening countered the Enlightenment. God inspired John and Charles Wesley, the founders of the Methodist Church; George Fox, the founder of Quakers; Emmanuel Swedenborg, who revealed much about the spirit world; and Philip Spener, the leader of the Pietist movement.

The fiery evangelism of George Whitehead, Jonathan Edwards and others started the Great Awakening, a movement of revivals throughout America.

God also worked through the humanities with some writers such as Wordsworth and Coleridge. These and other romantic poets heightened man's sensitivity.





In the third period leading up to the second advent of the Messiah, God and Satan battled for the minds and hearts of people. God is for freedom, and Satan is for slavery. God worked to elevate mankind to a high spiritual, intellectual and economical level. Satan worked to create an atmosphere that would be dangerous for the savior of the world to preach the good news of the Divine Principle. This period ended with World War I that took the lives of millions of people on a global scale. Satan's goal is to kill people, especially the Third Adam. This is why we see so much violence in the twentieth century. More people have been killed in this period than in any time in history. It is the bloodiest time in history because it is the final showdown between God and Satan.

One of Satan's greatest lies is that government force used to regulate millions of lives is good and necessary for order and harmony. He whispered in mankind's ear to use force to take from the haves to give to the have nots. Satan twists the meaning of good words to deceive people. He twisted the word"equality to inflame people to go on a crusade of being Robin Hoods stealing from the"greedy to give to the"poor. Of course, the result was the very opposite and everyone is betrayed.

God's tactic was to whisper in mankind's ears and guide them to use persuasion instead of force. He worked to teach mankind to believe in freedom of speech and religion. A classic in the literature for free speech is John Milton's Areopagitica. God spoke through John Locke who wrote the classic statement for absolute freedom of religion in A Letter Concerning Toleration. This influenced Thomas Jefferson to introduce freedom of religion in the Bill of Rights. These are eloquent defenses of freedom from government regulation. They were powerful influences on the thought of the West. God worked to educate people to respect other faiths, especially minorities. Satan influences people with fear and to use government to kill or abuse nonconformist believers. One tactic he has used recently is to use force in so-called deprogramming to break the faith of those who accept minority faiths.

God is for free enterprise, and Satan is for statism. Statism is"the principle or policy of concentrating extensive economic, political, and related controls in the state at the cost of individual liberty. It is the belief in big government. Satan uses the force of government to regulate everything, even families and churches.

Statists, whether communists, socialists, welfare staters or liberals also believe in feminism, the ideology that seeks to abolish the traditional roles of men being the protector, patriarch and sole provider for their families. Conservatives are on the Abel side and are more for the traditional, Biblical roles for men and women than the liberals.

Free enterprise is"an economic and political doctrine holding that a capitalist economy can regulate itself in a freely competitive market through the relationship of supply and demand with a minimum of governmental intervention and regulation. It is a belief in limited government. Economic libertarians and many conservatives believe in laissez-faire capitalism and therefore trust people. They do not believe in using massive government force to regulate people and therefore treasure freedom such as Jefferson wrote in The Declaration of Independence. God was behind the Founding Fathers writing the Constitution of the United States and George Washington becoming the first president in 1789.

The Cain side of the second period ended with the French Revolution in 1789. Unlike the American Revolution it was not led in the spirit of God. The people marched into Notre Dame and enthroned the Goddess of Reason. The French Revolution laid the seeds for the use of violence by dictators to resolve differences with its Reign of Terror that culminated in Napoleon. It was this satanic atmosphere that Marx picked up when he met Engels in Paris in the 1840s and together they wrote Satan's Bible, the Communist Manifesto, that presented Satan's dream of his ideal world of big brother government. Orwell's books Animal Farm and 1984 dramatically show it to be a nightmare.

Satan introduced his final ideology with Karl Marx and Frederich Engel's Communist Manifesto in 1848. They taught Satan's core beliefs of totalitarianism, atheism and violence. Lenin actualized these teachings politically by creating the Soviet Union in 1917 which became, as President Reagan correctly called, an"evil empire.

The Abel side of the second period ended with the American Revolution in 1776. God worked to build America to become the leader of the Free World that had the values of being democratic, not totalitarian; Judeo-Christian, not atheistic; defensive, not offensive. God worked through the Founding Fathers of America to create a nation of freedom and peaceful exchange of political power. He sided with the North in fighting against the slavery in the South in the Civil War. He also inspired missionaries to spread Christianity to every continent in the world during this period.

Adam Smith vs. Karl Marx

In the last 400 years God has worked to create an advanced spiritual and physical environment for the Messiah. In the 140 year period from the American Revolution to the First World War, there was tremendous advancement in every area of life. Economically, God inspired the Industrial Revolution to raise people out of poverty and give them the opportunity to become educated and be prepared to understand the Messiah when he came. God spoke through Adam Smith who wrote The Wealth of Nations. It is no coincidence that it was published in 1776, the year of the American Revolution. It taught the revolutionary view that free enterprise brings wealth.

Satan promotes socialism

Satan countered with his ideology of socialism. His spokesmen was Karl Marx and Friedreich Engels who criticized capitalism for being greedy and immoral in such diabolical books as the Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital. Some Christians were led by Satan to twist their idealism to believe in socialism. Charles Kingsley started a movement called Christian Socialism in 1848, the same year Satan had Marx and Engels publish their evil beliefs. Also in 1848, Robert Owen started a socialist society in America where everyone was equal, but it failed as all socialist experiments fail. Socialism is a false ideology. It is not in line with God's laws of the universe. It is centralized power. God is for decentralized power.

God promotes capitalism

At America's inception, Satan influenced the Pilgrims to organize themselves with socialism when they landed at Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620. William Bradford was their leader and wrote of their experience in his classic book, Of Plymouth Plantation. He writes how they almost died of starvation because they organized themselves according to socialism. Bradford abandoned socialism after three years and switched to capitalism. From then on they had food and prospered. He wrote how socialism does not work.

What made people so excited about Marxism was not only that it pandered to the lowest emotions of envy and jealousy towards those who succeed, but it presented itself as idealistic. It offered an ideal world. Adam Smith wrote another book teaching the value of having good character, but he did not have a great vision of an ideal world. Neither did the Founding Fathers. Marx had a global vision of a perfect world where everyone was equal and taken care of. It excited people to follow his teachings and vision of a world that was fair. The reality of that dream was more poverty, less freedom, and less fairness and equality in those countries that adopted socialism than those that lived by capitalism.

Because socialism is centralized power it attracts evil men who push aside or kill well meaning, idealistic egalitarians. When evil men gain power they become tyrants who use the power of the state to force people to be equal. The result of their worker's paradise is equality of misery. Capitalism is based on the free market. Socialism is based on force. When people have a choice, they always choose capitalism. One way to see what side God is on is to see if there are people escaping. In authoritarian governments and organizations people vote with their feet. Because America has been the"land of the free it has been a home for millions of immigrants seeking a chance to fulfill their dreams in a free society.

Marx had a theology of atheism that placed faith in man. Capitalism did not have anyone to give it a theology that was more powerful than Marx's criticism of so-called capitalist's greed. So America increasingly became socialistic out of ignorance and guilt. By the end of the 140 period America had begun the slide down the slippery slope of socialism.

God is patient. Satan is impatient. Socialists are impatient and do not believe in trusting people. They feel superior and more enlightened and do not believe in a growth period of free enterprise that will in time eliminate poverty and inequality. Socialism always causes more problems and make things worse. The Founding Fathers were wiser than the those of the 20th century that turned to government force instead of a belief in the invisible hand that Adam Smith wrote of. Because America has focused on government instead of the family and volunteer organizations such as the church to solve society's problems, it's internal life has declined and it has not achieved as much externally as it could. The Messiah comes to restore the timeless truths that America has abandoned and to elevate the world higher by uniting every person under one religious ideology.

Feminism vs. the Traditional Family

Another outgrowth of Communism was the feminist movement that aimed at destroying the traditional family. There were many voices against feminism, but they were progressively drowned out. Alexis de Tocqueville warned in his classic book Democracy in America in the 1830s that America would suffer if it adopted feminist ideology. Unfortunately it did, and now we have an epidemic of family breakdown because women have left the home to compete with men in the marketplace and tragically put children in day care and elders in nursing homes instead of caring for them at home. Elizabeth Cady Stanton wrote her evil document Seneca Falls Declaration in 1848, the same year Marx and Engels wrote the Communist Manifesto. There is absolutely nothing good in these books. Since these ungodly ideas have been introduced there has been a raging debate over the roles of men and women ever since. Today almost everything Stanton and Marx dreamed of in their writings has come true. Socialism and Feminism are now the reigning ideologies of the America.

It was exactly 72 years from 1848 to 1920 when socialism and feminism went from being seen as ridiculous and unthinkable to winning the cultural war of ideas. Rev. Moon proclaimed he and his wife to be the True Parents 72 years after 1920 in 1992. He teaches that feminism, like communism, could last for only 70 years until there would be a movement against them. And today we see the Soviet Union giving up communism, and many women giving up careers and going home to take care of their husbands, children and parents. For a more detailed explanation of this topic, read my book called The Ten Keys to Building the Ideal World.

God and Jesus are not pacifists

Satan has worked to make his champions use force to get what they want. God has worked to make his champions use persuasion in solving disputes. But God is for defense when attacked. America needs the Divine Principle to elevate it to be a better Abel. To win Cain, Abel must be outstanding. Even so, Cain has the responsibility to unite with Abel even though Abel is not perfect. In those cases where Cain nations or individuals attack the Abel side, then Abel must use force to fight back. This is the only role for government. Pacifism is not God's way. In wars such as the Civil War God was on the side of the North. In the wars of the twentieth century He has been on one side and Satan has been on the other. Satan has influenced the West to be weak sometimes such as when America failed to win the Korean War. The peace rallies against the Vietnam War were inspired by Satan who wants America weak. Although God wants his champions to fight when necessary He does not teach that war is what will ultimately restore the world. Education is God's ultimate way for bringing a unified world. And those in the Abel position must be the best teachers. They must teach better and reach more people against those who teach Satan's lies. The Messiah comes as the ultimate teacher.

Right vs. Left

The third period ends with the First World War and the beginning of Satan's champion nation, the Soviet Union, in 1917 by Lenin. It's ideology was Marxist-Leninism or Communism which is consistent with socialism, feminism, atheism, statism and secular liberalism.

America was God's champion. It led the Free World and championed the values of free enterprise, conservative traditional family values, belief in God and Christianity.

The seeds of Communism and the Free World were sown at the crucifixion of Jesus. The thief on the right accepted Jesus and foreshadowed the Free World which even politically is called"right. The thief on the left denied Jesus and foreshadowed Communism, called the"left. We read in the Bible: "When the son of man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, then he will sit on the throne of his glory. All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats, and he will put the sheep at his right hand and the goats at the left (Matt. 25:31-33).

The Free World says, "There is a God. We accept our shepherd. The Communist world says, "God does not exist. They deny their master. The free world is symbolized by sheep; the Communist world by goats. There are deep differences between the Free World and the Communist World. The most important battle between them is not physical, but mental. It is an ideological war.

Four hundred years after the reformer Malachi, Jesus, the Second Adam, was born. Likewise, approximately 400 years after Martin Luther, the Third Adam was born. Four hundred years after 1517 is 1917. God has worked to prepare the world for the new Messiah in the 20th century, and Satan has worked to destroy him.

Preparation for
3rd Adam

     Luther 1517 ___________________ 1917 Third Adam


Jewish History                                     Christian History
400 Preparation 2nd Adam Preparation 3rd Adam
210 Jewish Captivity Papal Captivity
400 Divided Kingdoms Divided Kingdoms
120 United Kingdom United Kingdom
400 Period Of Judges Period of Patriarchs
400 Persecution In Egypt Persecution in Roman Empire

Persecution In Roman Empire Period of Patriarchs United Kingdom Divided Kingdoms Papal Captivity Preparation 3rd Adam
400 400 120 400 210 400


The time of the coming of the Messiah is called the Last Days. It doesn't mean the last days of the earth, but the last days of evil. Mankind is basically good, but has inherited sin and ignorance of the spirit world, so mankind is influenced both by Satan and God.

Communism is Satan's greatest instrument of terror. But Satan works in many ways. He works to destroy the family unit. Thousands of children are murdered by their parents each year in America. 40,000 children die each day around the world from hunger and poor water. The statistics for broken homes, suicide, drug abuse and many other tactics of Satan are frightening. There is more suffering in the last days than at any time. It is an intense time of turmoil and confusion. The following are some aspects of the Last Days.

1. Jesus warned before he died that at the time of the second coming that " ... many will come in my name, saying 'I am the Christ ...'" (Matt. 24: 3-5). One indication of telling when the Third Adam would be born is that there will be a number of men saying they are the savior of the world: "' ... what will be the sign of your coming and the closing of the age?' and Jesus answered them, 'take heed that no one leads you astray. For many will come in my name, saying 'I am the Christ ...' (Matt. 24:3-5).

The last days will be a time of much spiritual phenomena and awakening. There will be spiritual longing as well as a decline in conventional religion. The 20th century is that time predicted in Acts 2:17 where it says, "... in the last days ... I will pour my spirit upon all flesh ... This explains why there is so much spiritual phenomena today. Satan sometimes twists this phenomena and leads people into insanity, crime, suicide and following possessed, evil people like Hitler or Jim Jones.

Jesus said: "And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive the many" (Matt. 24:11). We see a multitude of gurus in the 20th century who claim to have the truth. These men who receive the revelation saying YOU are the lord are not aware that they are hearing not that they are the Lord of the Second Advent, but they along with everyone are to be lords of creation when they reach perfection. These men are partially spiritually open but because they have not reached perfection their communication and understanding of God is limited. These people communicate at different levels of spirit world according to their different spiritual development , intellect, environment, etc.

The Lord of the Second Advent will have total understanding of God's heart and will. He will lead a true life and be able to answer the fundamental questions of life. The center of God's providence is Judeo-Christianity, and he must come on that foundation.

Christianity is divided in hundreds of different denominations -- some of which are even at war with each other such as in Ireland between the Catholics and Protestants. Because men have interpreted the bible differently, the Messiah comes to clarify the Bible through revelations from God so that Christianity can be united into a higher dimension. God is beyond denominationalism. The Messiah will teach Christianity to transcend its differences and ascend to a higher level. The Messiah must first bring unity to world Christianity. When those men who feel they are the Messiah become really humble they will then realize they do not have these qualifications and will direct their followers to the true Messiah and will himself follow the Messiah. Until they do they are minor false Christs who cannot lead their followers or anyone else into the ideal world just as the main false Christ of Communism cannot.

2. The last days will be a time of secular selfishness, pleasure seeking and rebellion: YOU must understand this, that in the last days distressing times will come. For people will be lovers of money, boasters, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, inhuman, implacable, slanderers, profligates, brutes, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God (II Tim. 3:1-4). Are most people lovers of pleasure more than lovers of god? The world is filled with immorality and selfishness. At the end of the twentieth century billions of people watch TV which glorifies pre-marital sex.

3. "And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars" (Matt. 24:6). The wars of the 20th century have been more widespread, devastating and frequent than any time in history.

4. There will be a naivete to evil by many who will advocate peace, without understanding that we cannot negotiate and co-exist with evil. For when they shall say, 'peace and safety'; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape (I Thess. 5:3). A perfect example of this is Chamberlain's sincere but naive act of flying to Munich and signing a worthless piece of paper with Hitler in 1938. A year later there was war. The peace marchers and nuclear freeze movement are naive and unwittingly encouraging the evil nations of this world.

There are many Christians who believe that God does not want a unified world. Christians look only to the afterlife as being a place where Christians will live happily ever after and they will forget the billions of people who are doomed to hell. It is a serious flaw in Christian theology that sees any attempt to world unity as satanic. Arnold Toynbee often spoke of the world moving to unity. He said, Living together as a single family is the only future mankind can have now that Western technology has simultaneously annihilated distance and invented the atomic bomb ... the alternative to the destruction of the human race is a worldwide fusion of all the tribes, nations, civilizations, and religions of man. Billy Graham and other Christian leaders do not know that the Messiah comes to unify mankind on earth.

God is guiding the world to unity. The historian Arnold Toynbee found 28 cultural spheres in history. God has worked to decrease that number to four: Judea-Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. The Messiah comes on the foundation of Christianity but will unite all religions into God's family where there is one religion. Toynbee is the most famous historian of the 20th century. He predicted there would be world unification under one government brought about by a new religion. He felt that a nation from the far east would be the unifier of mankind.

5. The Bible says in the Last Days there will arise an Anti-Christ who will try to rule the world. Christians fail to see that the Antichrist is Communism. Because the Messiah will speak of one unified world with one culture and one language his efforts will be viewed by many Christians as the Anti-Christ.

Christianity has always taught that Jesus is coming back to save the world. Fundamental and Pentecostal Christians believe Jesus is coming on the clouds. They believe in the rapture which says that on Judgement Day devout Christians will rise in the air to meet Jesus in the sky. Those who are alive will drift to heaven, and those who have died will come out of their graves, their physical body restored, and will rise also. This rising of the dead is called resurrection. After all Christians are safe with Jesus, those left on earth will be tortured in hell and the earth will be destroyed.

The Divine Principle teaches that none of these events will take place. Some Christians have believed these things because they have mistakenly read the Bible literally when they should have read it symbolically.