The Return of John the Baptist

Rev. 1920 BookMoon was born on February 25, 1920.  I would like to tell the importance of a person who was born in 1920 in relation to the second coming of Christ.  It is the story of a girl born and raised in China.  Her name was Ruth Bell.  When she was 15, she was, as amazing as it sounds, living a few miles from the spot Jesus gave his mission to a 15 year old boy on Easter morning, 1935.


Ruth Graham

Ruth Bell Graham is the wife of Billy Graham, the most famous Christian evangelist of the 20th century.  Before I explain Mrs. Graham's providential role, let's first look at her husband's role.  We learn in the Divine Principle that contrary to the traditional teachings of Christianity, John the Baptist failed in his mission to be the liaison between the people and Jesus.  He separated from Jesus and went his own way.  He did not know his mission and became one of the reasons Jesus was not accepted by the people of Israel.  God had raised the Israelites to be the chosen people.  God had put them through 2000 years of spiritual boot camp and when it came time to accept the humble man who said he was the Messiah, they rejected him.  John the Baptist was respected.  If he had traveled the world with Jesus and introduced him, people would have accepted Jesus as their savior.

John the Baptist was the 2nd coming of Elijah.  The people, including John the Baptist, thought Elijah would come in a miraculous way, such as out of the clouds.  But God never works that way.  His messengers of truth are always the last person you would choose.  No one was smart enough to see that God works in mysterious ways.  And you can't get more mysterious than having a carpenter in a small town from a remote, dirt poor country be the glorious Messiah.

In 1920 the 2nd coming of Christ was born in what is today North Korea.  God had been working with the Korean people for thousands of years to prepare them to accept him.  And he was working in other countries also.  The Christians were his new chosen people and America was in a position like Rome was to Israel.  Jesus was to go to Rome and guide the emperor to begin the building of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  First, Jesus needed to have the leaders of his own small nation follow him so that he would look impressive to the Emperor.  God was working in America to raise up Billy Graham as the 2nd coming of John the Baptist.  He was an obscure young man who would become the most seen Christian in the history of the world.  Billy Graham does not know why he has become so famous.  It is because God was working to make him famous, not to witness for the first messiah, but for the 2nd and last messiah.

WWII = Armageddon

God's plan was for Sun Myung Moon to have been accepted by certain key people in Korea after he began his public ministry on the day World War II ended in 1945.  Within seven years he was to have had Korea united with him and been accepted by Billy Graham and world leaders as the Lord of the Second Advent. Hitler was the satanic imitation of Christ.  WWII was Armageddon.  With the Free World united around the young Messiah, they would have created such excitement of a Messianic Age that the Soviet Union would have rebelled against Stalin, and Mao tse Tung would never had risen to power in China.  This means there would have been no Kim Il Sung in North Korea, no Fidel Castro in Cuba, and no Ho Chi Min in North Vietnam.  There would have been no Cold War because there would have been no Communism.  By the year 2000 the earth would have been on its way to being restored to a veritable Garden of Eden because mankind would be one family working in unison to build the ideal world.

The world would have honored Rev. Moon and his first wife as the first True Parents of mankind.  Out of respect billions of people would bow to their picture that was proudly hung on the wall of every home.  There would have been no Korean War and no Vietnam War.  All the tragedies of addictions and family breakdown would not have happened.  Why didn't the Messianic age come?  Why wasn't the young Messiah accepted.  I'm not going to go into the whole story now.  I want to concentrate on the story of Ruth Graham.

It is the norm in human history for God's plans to be thwarted by Satan.  As usual, those who God had chosen to be his leaders do not hear God's message and do the very opposite of what God wants.  Moon was betrayed by practically everybody -- including his wife.

The result of a few people failing to unite with God's will is always terrible.  Abraham made a simple mistake and the Israelites had to suffer for 400 years as slaves in Egypt.  Then they didn't unite with Moses and so died in the wilderness, never seeing Canaan.  Then they murdered Jesus and lost their nation for 2000 years.

Korean War

God had raised Korea to be his new chosen nation.  Like Israel, Korea tortured and jailed the young Messiah.  The nation of Korea paid a terrible price because a handful of people rejected the Messiah.  Like Israel, Korea brought punishment upon themselves.  Actions have consequences.  Without the guidance of the Messiah, world leaders made tragic mistakes that ended with a river of blood in the Korean War.  World events relate to the Messiah.  The Korean War happened because of the mistreatment of Sun Myung Moon.  Americans were sent there by God to rescue him.  Again, I discuss this in more detail in my book The Divine Principle in Plain Language that you can read at my website:  This chapter you are reading is from my book 1920: The Birth of the Messiah that you can also read at my website.