Bruce Casino in an article in the UNews (June '85) titled "Economic Theory and Social Justice" said, "Basically, we need to create a new civilization based on human dignity and cooperative solidarity." He goes on to quote from the official Divine Principle book that speaks very strongly for socialism. We have a problem here because the author of these passages is wrong. Casino likes what he reads but it is all false. The future ideal world will be capitalist, not socialist.

He says, "Democracy and socialism are not merely interim ethics until the kingdom comes -- they are the structures of the kingdom based on man's original nature which has been seeking to establish them through history." He is half right; there will be democracy but not socialism.

He goes on to write, "Unlike the common perception of Unification economic theory, the proposed theory is quite radical and very different from conservative economics. As Reverend Moon put it: 'In our ideology there is no class difference, but only family relationships. Here there is no discrimination.' (A Prophet Speaks Today)." Casino is wrong. Conservative economics is superior to socialism.

He also puts down the traditional family saying, "The pattern of non patriarchal, non exploitative family relationships is suggested as a model ethic for businesses and society in Unification Thought." He is wrong again. Patriarchy is God's way. Casino, I believe, is in a minority in the church who believe in feminist/socialist thought.