Alcohol - Just Say No

There are many different views given in books on health. It is still a young science. For example, some researchers say that it is good to drink "moderate" amounts of alcohol, especially red wine, because it helps the heart. One book that pushes this is The Save Your Heart Wine Guide by Frank Jones. He writes, "One quiet Sunday evening in November 1991, in the space of only twenty minutes, the wine industries of Canada and the United States were hit by something akin to a tornado. The reverberations from that even are still being felt today wherever wine is made or consumed."

60 Minutes

"What happened was probably the single most dramatic demonstration of the power of television to influence consumer habits -- and public health. That evening millions of North Americans tuned in to the most popular U.S. program on the air, the CBS newsmagazine 60 Minutes. And they learned for the first time about an anomaly called the 'French Paradox." What they heard sent many scurrying to their liquor and wine stores. By the end of the week, sales of red wine were up 40 percent, fracturing for good the long-standing North American preference for sweeter white wines." Sadly, after 25 years of incredible hard work, 60 Minutes does a segment on the break-up of Father's oldest son's marriage. Hyo Jin became an alcoholic and abused his wife.

"And the nature of the paradox? The French, especially those living in southwest France, defy all the health rules by smoking lots of Galois, exercising sparingly, and eating wicked amounts of saturated fats. Yet they have one of the lowest heart attack rates in the world. Scotland has among the highest heart attack rates in the world; a woman in Glasgow, for example, is twelve times more likely to die of a heart attack than a woman in Toulouse, France. And Canadian and American men are nearly three times as likely to die of heart attacks as those rugged guys from Toulouse."

"The French appetite for red wine and a diet that included lots of fresh fruit and vegetables were cited as the likely reasons for the paradox. Dr. Serge Renaud, the French doctor who identified the French Paradox, believes that red win is the most powerful drug yet discovered in preventing coronary heart disease!"

"Wine -- wisely chosen and consumed regularly and moderately -- will help you to live longer. It's as simple as that. The ancients knew it: 'Drink no longer water but use a little wine for thy stomach's sake, and thine own infirmities,' St. Paul advised Timothy. And every month seems to bring new scientific evidence to strengthen the case."

"Some of that evidence flies in the face of what most of us grew up believing. However, following studies from the last decade, there is no longer any doubt at all that abstainers are at a greater risk of dying young than are moderate drinkers."

Time to Sober Up

The authors of Good Fat, Bad Fat are distinguished doctors who are experts on the heart. They write that there is more bad than good when it comes to alcohol. They write, "It is time to sober up on the alcohol question." They say the largest study on alcohol shows that those who drank on an average more than two drinks had cancer and heart disease rates higher than those who did not drink.

19 Million Alcoholics

They warn that many people easily become alcoholic and there is a staggering 19 million alcoholics in the United States alone. They end by saying, "the benefit is not that great and it is not a substitute for learning about your cholesterol and triglyceride numbers and doing the exercise and diet things that would keep your numbers in the safe area!"

"Most of the groups in the U.S. who strictly abstain from alcohol all run lower heart attack rates than the rest of the country."

God's Lifestyle

Is drinking part of God's lifestyle? Shakespeare said in Othello, "O God, that men should put an enemy in their mouths to steal away their brains! that we should, with joy, pleasance revel and applause, transform ourselves into beasts!" College students are famous for binge drinking. It is sad that higher education does not teach character and discipline.

"Everything Will Be Intoxicating"

In a speech given on February 20, 1991 titled "The Birthday of Our True Parents" Rev. Moon spoke against being intoxicated with liquor: "Water is sweeter than anything in the world, much sweeter than whiskey. When the entire earth is covered by true love then even water is superb, everything will be intoxicating."

"What about whiskey? Father doesn't even know the names of good whiskeys or good beers. Satan is bringing bottles of whiskey and showing them off in front of God. 'Look at this gold color,' Satan would say. He deliberately leaves half a cup on the table and goes to the bathroom. 'God, look at this! It is so delicious. What about it, for a change, at least one drink with me?' God sees and pretends He never saw or heart it."

"Save America"

In a speech titled "Blessed Families and True Tradition" given on April 26, 1992 he said, "Do the Blessed families of the Unification Church use drugs? [No!] Do they practice free sex and free dating? No, man and woman do not touch outside of the Blessing. Do we make dancing an every day affair? Do we drink alcohol? [No!] But you are American youth and American youth like that direction! [No!] Father heard that some members of ACC began drinking. It may be just for social reasons, but it is no good. Father thought he should tear their mouths apart. Father won't do it, Father will let you do it. If Father tears someone's mouth apart because he drank alcohol, it is not good for obvious reasons. But, if you did it, Father doesn't feel there would be any problem. Do you think this is a laughing matter or would you really do it? Have you ever thought, "I will be the one who knocks out everyone in my community who uses drugs or indulges in free sex?" Have you ever imagined that you would sweep them out? How can a person who never thought that way save America? Concept will never save America. Only by your living the concept can you save America.

"We Should Not Drink"

Blessed families should be doing awesome things, but sometimes they do bad things themselves. That is no good. Most of you drank beer and wine before you joined the church, didn't you? Especially women! There is hardly anyone who never drank alcohol. Now you drink, not openly, but hiding it. Father understands that kind of beer is more delicious than the beer you drink openly. Those who say, "Yes, I stealthily drank a few beers," raise your hands and you can be forgiven. If you don't you will carry this with you to spirit world! Only a few of you raised your hands, but Father feels all of you have done this. Father has a good reason to bring this up today instead of many days ago or a month ago. Now that Father stands where he is supposed to stand, and now that we renew our determination, bygones are bygones. From today, we should not drink.

"Father is saying this because a few days ago he proclaimed the revival of the True Family so it is the time to stress the Blessed family tradition. Now Father and Mother stand in equal positions and it is time for Unification Church Blessed families to fulfill the correct traditions. Let us begin now. The topic of Father's sermon last Sunday was, The Liberation of the World. The world is about to be liberated, so for a new beginning Father has to emphasize the tradition of our Blessed couples; not before now, but now.

180 Degrees Different

"We are 180 degrees different from satanic traditions. There is so much fighting and antagonism in outside families. No sooner do they say, "Good morning" than they start fighting. All throughout the day they fight. Do they spend more time arguing with each other or caring for each other? The originator of argument is Satan. Men and woman protect themselves by arguing and at the center of that thinking is Satan. It is Satan they are protecting. From this point of view, are American women more embraced by Satan or God? American women don't feel so good hearing this, but this is reality. You cannot deny it. The first step to correcting the problem is to realize it. The family is sick and the country is sick with a deep illness. No matter how good a drug may be, this illness cannot easily be cured. We have to be proud that we know the remedy. No matter where an individual Unification Church member may be we have to learn to be proud and confident that through us every correction will begin. Without us America can never change. How proudful it is that we are part of the good tradition, part of God Himself, part of the Parents themselves."  

We have to win over the satanic world. Satan has very strong weapons which include wine and drugs. He uses them to destroy heavenly orderliness. Drugs are destruction itself. They are the palace of Satan.


In the Orient we have a saying about wine and women stimulating mischief. This refers to a person who gambles and what have you. These are the three things we need to do away with. Almost all crimes stem out of here. There is no big crime case which doesn't have something to do with wine or women. Drugs of course are just a much stronger form of wine. After using drugs you have no control over anything including women. You conscience has been acting as a brake, but soon the brake doesn't work anymore. Thousands of years of achievement can be washed away overnight because of drugs and women. We have a saying in the Orient to be aware of these things.

Wine In Your House?

Do you have wine in your house? Why not? Because Satan sent millions of people to hell through using alcohol. Satan sent millions and billions of people to hell through misusing sex. The basics of the human being will be destroyed by drugs. Cigarettes come in between. First it begins with having a cigarette and then they say, "Let's go have a drink of wine." Next they use drugs. A man takes his cigarette and puts it in a woman's mouth and already they are connecting. Then they drink, sharing their wine and drugs also. What God hates most, what God does not want to see is this illicit love. Adam and Eve fell because of that. Every breakdown within society, the cause of our rotten society came about because of that power. This culture and civilization have been destroyed through sexual activities. These are Satan's strong, formidable weapons.

"I Pledge"

Sixty thousand people die every day and end up in hell in spirit world. Nobody is thinking about stopping and reversing this trend, only Reverend Moon thinks about it seriously. Do you think God will look at this and say, "You are doing the right thing," or do you think He will say, "Let them go to hell?" So, will you ever smoke? Will you ever even pretend to smoke? Those who say, "I will still smoke once in a while Father," please raise your hands. In all seriousness, if you are so hooked, Father will give you a forty day grace period. You can get over that habit within this forty days. If you want to do that most quickly, you can smoke three cigarettes at the same time. Continue that for forty days and at last you will say, "I don't like those cigarettes!" and you will throw them out. It is the same with wine. You can put a hose into your mouth! You can do this for forty days, but not more. Those who promise and pledge, "Father I will never smoke, I will never drink again," please raise your hands. Drugs too and sexual activity too. Illicit love is the worst thing you can imagine. You must have correct sexual action. Today we have a new beginning as far as these matters are concerned.

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