Adam Smith vs. Karl Marx

In the last 400 years God has worked to create an advanced spiritual and physical environment for the Messiah. In the 140 year period from the American Revolution to the First World War, there was tremendous advancement in every area of life. Economically, God inspired the Industrial Revolution to raise people out of poverty and give them the opportunity to become educated and be prepared to understand the Messiah when he came. God spoke through Adam Smith who wrote The Wealth of Nations. It is no coincidence that it was published in 1776, the year of the American Revolution. It taught the revolutionary view that free enterprise brings wealth.

Satan promotes socialism

Satan countered with his ideology of socialism. His spokesmen was Karl Marx and Friedreich Engels who criticized capitalism for being greedy and immoral in such diabolical books as the Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital. Some Christians were led by Satan to twist their idealism to believe in socialism. Charles Kingsley started a movement called Christian Socialism in 1848, the same year Satan had Marx and Engels publish their evil beliefs. Also in 1848, Robert Owen started a socialist society in America where everyone was equal, but it failed as all socialist experiments fail. Socialism is a false ideology. It is not in line with God's laws of the universe. It is centralized power. God is for decentralized power.

God promotes capitalism

At America's inception, Satan influenced the Pilgrims to organize themselves with socialism when they landed at Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620. William Bradford was their leader and wrote of their experience in his classic book, Of Plymouth Plantation. He writes how they almost died of starvation because they organized themselves according to socialism. Bradford abandoned socialism after three years and switched to capitalism. From then on they had food and prospered. He wrote how socialism does not work.

What made people so excited about Marxism was not only that it pandered to the lowest emotions of envy and jealousy towards those who succeed, but it presented itself as idealistic. It offered an ideal world. Adam Smith wrote another book teaching the value of having good character, but he did not have a great vision of an ideal world. Neither did the Founding Fathers. Marx had a global vision of a perfect world where everyone was equal and taken care of. It excited people to follow his teachings and vision of a world that was fair. The reality of that dream was more poverty, less freedom, and less fairness and equality in those countries that adopted socialism than those that lived by capitalism.

Because socialism is centralized power it attracts evil men who push aside or kill well meaning, idealistic egalitarians. When evil men gain power they become tyrants who use the power of the state to force people to be equal. The result of their worker's paradise is equality of misery. Capitalism is based on the free market. Socialism is based on force. When people have a choice, they always choose capitalism. One way to see what side God is on is to see if there are people escaping. In authoritarian governments and organizations people vote with their feet. Because America has been the"land of the free it has been a home for millions of immigrants seeking a chance to fulfill their dreams in a free society.

Marx had a theology of atheism that placed faith in man. Capitalism did not have anyone to give it a theology that was more powerful than Marx's criticism of so-called capitalist's greed. So America increasingly became socialistic out of ignorance and guilt. By the end of the 140 period America had begun the slide down the slippery slope of socialism.

God is patient. Satan is impatient. Socialists are impatient and do not believe in trusting people. They feel superior and more enlightened and do not believe in a growth period of free enterprise that will in time eliminate poverty and inequality. Socialism always causes more problems and make things worse. The Founding Fathers were wiser than the those of the 20th century that turned to government force instead of a belief in the invisible hand that Adam Smith wrote of. Because America has focused on government instead of the family and volunteer organizations such as the church to solve society's problems, it's internal life has declined and it has not achieved as much externally as it could. The Messiah comes to restore the timeless truths that America has abandoned and to elevate the world higher by uniting every person under one religious ideology.