Animal Rights

There are some people who believe that eating meat is ethically wrong because it is cruelty to animals.   I agree that the big companies who raise chickens, pigs and cows for slaughter are not right in caging them up and injecting them with deadly chemicals.  But God is not against the killing and eating of animals.  True Parents have shot everything from ducks to fish.  Some big fish have to be shot in the head before they can put in a boat because they can kill and injure people with their powerful fins and tails.  Father says that the blood from the fish around them on the side of the boat after being shot is not to be looked at as cruelty or evil.  It is a natural thing.  Animals are made for man.  They have no spirit.  True Parents the greatest teachers of what is spiritual in human history.  Father is an expert fisherman and teaches that everyone should do some fishing too.

Here are some posters and pictures from animal rights activists.  They are wrong in believing that animals, even fish, have feelings that must be taken into account when they are being hunted.  There are laws against animal cruelty that may be correct, but shooting a deer or moose and fishing for salmon is not cruelty.  It is a good thing.

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